Monday, November 28, 2011


(trying to blog more. so now you get a small rant from last night.)
So last night was the worst rehearsal I have ever had in my life, in terms of being a performer (vs director, producer, what have you). Greg and I got into a bit of a - tiff - right before I went, and I was distracted. I blew my first line, and proceeded to suck for the rest of the run of act one. Thank God that's all we ran - it was a short rehearsal.

It left me feeling completely unsettled. I KNOW these lines. I run them daily. We have seven rehearsals left. The show is next week. I have no idea what happened. I've forgotten lines before, sure, but not MOST of them, all at once.

Please pray to your friendly neighborhood theater god that this does not happen again. Back to rehearsal tomorrow night. We'll see....

Friday, November 25, 2011

black friday/weekend update.

So, my Thanksgiving was pretty great, up until the minute I started throwing up at midnight. Watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in the morning (I'm sure all of my Twitter peeps loved my harsh critiques of the Broadway show performances - but if you can't snark about a parade, then what else is there?), and then headed off to my mom's in the afternoon for food and games. We play this absolutely ridiculous dice game called LCR (left, center, right) - it takes exactly zero skill but for some reason it's super exciting - we seriously end up screaming through the whole thing. We play for dollars - so I ended up winning about $50 yesterday. OK, OK, I won about $25 and I took Greg's winning's too.

When I was falling asleep I noticed my stomach didn't feel so hot - and then I woke up at midnight and puked. I HATE stomach bugs - I haven't thrown up since but I really don't feel great. Hoping against hope Jane and Greg don't get it, and that it was just a reaction to eating too much food? Or something? I don't know. Stupid.

Despite feeling like crap, I headed off to the mall this morning at 7 . Everyone thinks I am crazy (though not as crazy as those who were lining up at midnight!) but some of my key stores, like Gap and Disney, have some really great sales today. I did well at Disney, got a bunch of stuff for Jane, struck out at Gap, did well at 77 Kids (the American Eagle for kids), and ended up in line for about a million years at Urban Outfitters for one t-shirt for Greg. Seriously? I tried to be zen about the whole thing, and mostly was, but was really happy to leave. After that I ran through Sephora to try on perfume and came home. So not so bad getting a chunk of shopping done before 9:45 a.m., I say.

This is a busy weekend ahead, so I really hope we all remain healthy. Going to see some friends this afternoon, including one of Jane's besties, and then seeing some other friends tomorrow night. Sunday I have rehearsal. What are you up to?

PS I know I already tweeted this, but my favorite part of my shopping trip this morning was when I walked by two girls who looked me up and down, and then one of them said, "I don't like those boots." Never mind the fact that approximately 98% of the mall was unshowered, and a good percentage was wearing straight-up PJs. I was wearing a baseball hat, a UConn tee, jeans and my fake Uggs. Yeah, I didn't look my best, but REALLY? Fuck you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2011

weekend update.

My friend Dwayne (yes, Dwayne, I will call you my friend, here, in public, on the internet. If you want to deny it, start your own blog.) reminded me today, via the Twitters, that I have not done one of my weekend update posts in a while. And since I've been such a shitty blogger lately anyway, I said what the hey. Here is what I am up to this weekend*:

Today: Counting down the minutes (71 to go) until happy hour with my daycare mom friends. If this is not the best tradition I have taken part in this year, I don't know what is. One glass of wine on Friday afternoon, right before pickup? Oh yes. Yes, please. After that, I'm off to my friend Jen's house for dip night, an amazeballs evening of friends and various dips. Dip is, like, my favorite thing. Well, after friends. So basically, best night ever.

Saturday: Chores, etc, during the day, and then at night I'm having another mess of friends over for game night. This has kind of blown up from a small gathering to more of a party. The best part is, I have no games here, except for Candyland. I just wanted to get this particular group of friends together. So I invited them, and then demanded they bring the entertainment. What?

Sunday: I've got rehearsal Sunday afternoon, and that's about all that is officially scheduled. Speaking of rehearsal - three weeks 'til show. Holy shit! I am having the time of my life. Every morning when I do my four miles, I do a brain dump of all of my lines. Out loud, in the middle of the street, at 6 a.m. Like a crazy person!

That's my weekend. What are you up to? Dwayne?

*Just got an email from one of the daycare moms. Her daughter, who Jane is besties with, is puking at school. So this whole intinerary could be replaced with : CLEANING UP PUKE.

Monday, November 14, 2011

empire state of mind.

So as those of you who follow me on Twitter know (and know very very well), I went to NYC on Saturday with my friend Lisa. What was different about this jaunt to the city was the fact that we had no official plan when we got on the train. Pretty much every time I go to New York I'm going to see a show, which is great and everything, but it more or less keeps me in midtown the whole time, and the day is usually pretty structured.

This time was different. When I posted on Facebook that I was heading to New York for the day, friends of mine that live down there started texting and posting to see if we could meet up. So Lisa and I maneuvered around the subway system (mostly successfully, but not 100%, especially the part where Lisa almost got trapped in the closing subway doors after a last-second decision to get off) and met up with my old theater friend and all-around sarcastically awesome friend Mike in SoHo, my talented friend and former intern Bryan at NYU where he is studying theater, and my super-smart friend Melissa...well, let's just say that we were supposed to meet her for coffee in TriBeCa but instead ended up, after an EXTREMELY roundabout trip, back in SoHo and met her for drinks. Many of them.

It was basically a great day. Lots and lots of laughs, got drunk, got to spend the day in the best city in the world - what's better? These pics are from my Blackberry, so they suck, but enjoy anyway.

Friday, November 04, 2011

tgif. for reals.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know that we got hit with the freakiest of freak snowstorms last Saturday that dumped 15 inches of heavy wet snow, took down many many trees and wires statewide, plunging nearly a million customers into darkness for days on end, including us. We were out of power for six days, and lived down with our in-laws, who live at the beach an hour away. While INCREDIBLY grateful for their generosity - really - I was about as happy as I've ever been when the lights (and heat) (and water) came back on yesterday. Today I find myself incredibly exhausted. So I am here to say THANK YOU to those of you participating in my little 30 Days of Thanks project. Despite the stress of the past few days, I have been able to look at the bright side of each day. Hope you're joining in. Have a great weekend.