Friday, October 31, 2008

31 for 21

Yeah! I did it! 31 days, 31 blog entries (I know SOME PEOPLE don't think Noel's blog counted, but the majority did, so nah nah nah). Hope you enjoyed my non-stop complaining. But hey, give me some credit - 31 days of blogging is pretty major for me. I truly hope you clicked over to some of those blogs by parents of children with Down syndrome, because they really are wonderfully written.

I promise that I will post Halloween pics this weekend, but my camera died and I need to recharge it before I download the pics. So instead, I really really really want you to watch this video. Because it's hilarious, yet so so right, and Samantha Bee's commentary, while funny, also completely hits the nail on the head on why I will never, never, not ever vote for John McCain. I know some of you (Dwayne) don't like it when I post videos, but you must watch this.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

can you hear me now?

My day today started at 3:30 a.m. Actually, it started before that - I was woken up, on and off, by Jimmy's frantic head shaking. See, Jimmy has chronic ear problems. Because he has floppy ears, he tends to get yeast infections (yeah, that's right) in his ears because of food allergies. And because we are sometimes lazy dog owners, we don't always buy the super expensive food, and we don't always keep up on his ear cleanings, which should take place at least three times a week.

But the thing is, cleaning Jimmy's ears sucks. I used to do it all the time, but since Jane, I have more or less unceremoneously passed on that duty to Greg. But it's gross. Surprising, I know - digging dirt and yuck out of your dog's ears is not the best way to spend your free time.

Which leads us to last night. Greg had cleaned Jimmy's ears before he went to bed, but it did no good. It was too late and it had gotten too bad. Jimmy was shaking and shaking and shaking his head, so much so that we were thinking maybe something was stuck in there. So, many many hours before dawn, Greg decided to take young James to the 24-hour vet to get the situation checked out. I thought we could wait it out; he just wanted to get it over with.

Although I was exhausted, I couldn't go back to sleep. When I started to drift off, either Jane would start wimpering or Junior would start whining to go out. Then I would start thinking about work. I was up for the day before 5 a.m. And the bonus was, Jane decided to sleep until 7:30 a.m. today - WHICH SHE NEVER DOES. This was like, world-record late sleeping for her. The rest of us were up hours before.

Because Jimmy is Jimmy, his triumphant return home featured a slew of medications and a large bill. This is his ear regimin now:

  • 3/4 of a pill three times a day. That's right. Three Quarters Of A Pill. Meaning I need to break the tiniest of pills into quarters. Luckily the pills already come in halves, so I only have to halve the half, but good Lord if I don't want to do that three times a day

  • Ear drops twice a day

  • Foaming ear cleanser followed by foaming ear drying lotion every three days
Does anyone want a free dog?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

and the heavyweight champion is....


This is a bit of a cop-out post but I'm tired and I just got home. So I will update her stats for you after her 15 month appointment yesterday:

Weight: 22.4 lbs
Height: 31 inches

New skills since last appointment:
Not sleeping

Things to work on:
Getting beers for Mommy

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lisa made me do it

OK, Lisa challenged those of us who have been struggling with coming up with things to write about to compose a "10 things" entry every week. This week she wants us to write about our 10 favorite websites.

The list below reflects the websites, AT THIS MOMENT, that I visit the most. This could change at any given moment. Any second, really. Like the internets, it's always changing. Here we go:

Babble - This website is "the magazine and community for a new generation of parents." See, we parents like to pretend like we're still cool, so we visit websites like this. I LOVE this site - lots of entertainment news, fun blogs, great product suggestions - plus, it's all done with a sense of humor that is lacking in so many parenting sites. It doesn't take itself too seriously.

Facebook - Ah, Facebook. You're killing me, with the way you suck up time. But I love it, because how else am I going to broadcast to all of my friends that I'm tired, or hungry, or bored? And no doubt everyone wants to know!

Dooce - Dooce is the giant amongst parenting blogs. Written by Heather Armstrong, it's a fairly irreverent look at parenting, family life, and her emergence as a blogging celebrity. Also, she posts daily pics of her dogs Chuck and Coco. What's better that that?

New York Times/CNN/Yahoo/MSN - The sources of my political angst. These sites will be hit the hardest in the next few days, and then hopefully I can give them a rest.

The Weather Channel - Are you going on vacation? I'd be happy to look up the forecast for you! In the winter, I have no better internet friend than I'll refresh that 10-day forecast until the cows come home. Or the snow comes down. Or whatever. - I am a theater nerd. This is a huge surprise to all, I'm sure. These two sites make me sound smart when I'm talking about theater stuff. 'Nuff said.

Finnian's Journey - Since I've been blogging like a maniac as part of "31 for 21," I thought I'd recommend a fairly new blog written by a woman who recently had a baby with Down syndrome. Lisa has six children, and this past summer gave birth to her son Finnian. Her blog is a brutally honest look at the unexpected journey she is taking with her new son. It's very compelling reading.

Gawker - Snark to the max - this is why I love Gawker. For all the news in the New York media world, Gawker is one-stop shopping.

Sweet Juniper!
- This is a blog from a stay-at-home-dad's perspective, and it's great. Really smart writing from a guy who left his job as a lawyer to stay home with his daughter Juniper a few months after she was born. Since then, he and his wife (who is also a lawyer) have had another child, a son. It's an interesting perspective from a family raising children in one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, Detroit. As a bonus he is a phenomenal photographer.

Cry It Out: Adventures of a stay-at-home dad - Another blog from a stay-at-home-dad. Mike Adamick does a really hilarious, sometimes cringeworthy job of connecting his life growing up to that of his daughter's, Emmeline. Read this post for an example. He doesn't post very often, but when he does, it's always excellent. Unlike most of my posts these days!

Monday, October 27, 2008

CT vote NO!

I know we're all fired up about the election next Tuesday - or is it just me? - anyway, don't forget to VOTE NO on the first question, which will ask you if you think there should be a Constitutional Convention to amend or revise the state Constitution. Because this is just a vehicle of people who want to take away gay marriage, ban abortion, and other rights that are so, so important.

Click here for more info.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

good morning

I am not what you would call a morning person. I never really have been. These days I roll out of bed around 5 a.m., rush to get ready for work before Jane wakes up (these days she's been getting up so early that Greg often has to get up too, so he can watch her while I finish getting ready), get Jane ready for the day, feed her, play with her, drop her off at daycare (although Greg often does this), then go to work. By the time I'm at my desk between 8 and 8:15 a.m., I feel like I've already lived an entire day. I've also already usually consumed a decent amount of Diet Pepsi by this point, because that's how I get my caffeine. I can't even imagine getting through the morning without a chemical boost of energy.

On the other hand, when Jane gets up, she cannot wait to start the day. I've barely picked her up out of her crib when she wants to get down and get going. She usually first heads over to her bookcase and starts flinging out books, chattering away. Then she starts with the imaginary phone calls on her play phone. She doesn't even want to waste time getting her diaper changed. She's got STUFF TO DO.

I want that. I want to wake up, ready to go. I want to have Jane's super-enthusiasm that another day has begun. If she could talk, I think she'd say "Holy crap! We get to do this again! We get a whole new day! Whoo hooo!!!!!!!!!"

I wonder if it's even possible. Is it possible for a 35-year-old who hasn't gotten a decent night's sleep in a berzillion months to wake up with that kind zest for life? I don't want to be cranky. I don't want to need the caffeine. I want to be psyched that it's a new day. I AM psyched that it's a new day - it's just that my brain doesn't know it so early in the morning.

I'm going to work on this.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I cant take this anymore

I figured I'd throw the old lady a bone and share some of my thoughts with you blog people, I understand all this yammering is for some type of charity. So much has happened since last time I chimed in a year ago. Frankly, I've been so disgusted with all that's been happening round here that I've found it hard to get out of bed.

First off, the little brat is walking, and her parents are all a ga ga over this. HELLO MOST EVERYONE CAN WALK. They are really setting the bar low for this kid. If you ask them they will say "Jane is talking". That is a load of crap. Waving while uttering ba ba and pointing to the old man and saying da, is not talking. She points at everything and says da, the dog, the sink, her breakfast, the couch, come on people, give it up. They think she is saying goodbye, but she waves and says ba ba to her diaper champ, I've seen it. By the way, who are they kidding with that thing. Suffice is to say, the Daiper Champ is by no way airtight.

The kid is the least of my problems. The old man is way worse, Sundays have really gone down hill since Tim Russert passed away. Now all he watches is Star Trek. Star Trek is like 50 years old, why can't he just watch football like everyone else? I hoped they might use the boat more often and get the hell out of the house, but miss Jane, being 14 months old can't exactly hang out on the docks without ultra-close supervision. You don't have to be Einstein to figure that out, but the old man hasn't gotten that one down yet. You would think after Jimmy jumped into the water last month the old man would get it. James spent a few minutes trying to figure out if he should hang himself or drown, before the old man lugged him out of the water. Maybe I should get the old man to tie me up on the dock, "where it's safe".

Junior is actually ok, but has some how reverse-sinked his clock with Jane. If Jane is asleep at 3AM, Junior is awake. Have you ever had a great dane, who hasn't brushed his teeth in 5 years, breath on you at 3AM? We're sure this is why the old lady is such a basket case, on the off chance Jane doesn't require supositories, rocking, soothing or diaper changing at 3AM, it's a sure bet that numb nuts dog will want to go out.

So lets see, have I touched on every one of our glamorous characters? Why yes, I have. Isn't it shocking I don't blog much?

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm in a bad mood

so I am cheesing out today and posting a link to another video. But it's pretty awesome, so there's that.

Will Ferrell and Tina Fey. What's better than that?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

four years

I got hitched four years ago today. In my memory, it was probably the most perfect day of my life.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

in response to your comments

Yes, [title of show] is a great show. Yes, it was on Broadway. Yes, it closed after three months.

BUT hey, at least it made it to Broadway. And with the style of the show the way it is, and the economy the way it is, I'm surprised it lasted that long. It's just not the type of show that was ever destined to live a long Broadway life. It's only four people, it doesn't have the bells and whistles that your Wickeds or Lion Kings have - and for $100 a ticket for the best seats, people really want the bells and whistles. (Or, as we say in the biz, "they went away humming the sets.") Lots of shows are closing now, including Legally Blonde the Musical, Spamalot, at least [title of show] is in good company.

Junior keeps on keepin' on. I have NO good Junior stories for you right now! And since he is the Number One Pup Of All Time (tm), the fact that he keeps himself out of trouble doesn't surprise me. He is currently taking a well-deserved nap, after a long day of napping. But here's a pic instead.

What is the definition of a "meme"? Is it basically just a quiz or something? Anyway, I checked out that link you sent, Lisa, and I will definitely attempt it in the future. But writing about ten things I'm loving right now would only come across snarky or something, especially after the day I've had. So I'll hold that for a future date, where I can be more sincere.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

21 for 21

Whew! I've made it through 21 days of blogging so far - only 10 days left! I know you've all be glued to your computer screens, wondering when my next enthralling entry will pop up.

I regret to inform you that it won't be today, because I am drawing a blank on blog topics. I think we've covered all that is on my mind these days:

*The Election (check)
*Jane's various sicknesses (check)

Yup, those are the two top things that keep me up at night.

So, anything else you want to know?

Monday, October 20, 2008

the great pumpkin

Way back BR (Before Roseola), we went out to Lyman Orchards to pick out a pumpkin for Halloween. Jane was pretty weird and exhausted that morning, and just a few hours later, she would be in the throes of sickness. But, hey, at least that morning was nice.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

this made me LOL for reals

Seriously, I had tears running down my face during the moose part. I think I've watched that part ten times now.

Amy Poehler does Sarah Palin.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008


(aka sick day, part 6)

Yeah, Jane's still sick. Well, actually she seems to be feeling better, but that rash is still all over.

But today's blog posting is not going to be about Jane's sickness. Instead, I will tell you something really cute she did today. Recently, she has been building up some words - "ah duh (all done)" when she's done with a meal, "uh oh" when she drops something, and now "buh bye" which she has been doing frequently lately, complete with frenetic waving.

So this afternoon, while we were walking out of Target, she started waving and yelling "buh bye" - which I thought was just about the best thing that has happened all week.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

bonus post for today

I didn't watch the debate last night, as there was no way I could possibly stay up that late after the day I'd had. But of course I read up on what happened first thing this morning, and of course heard about McCain's "zinger" about how he's "not George Bush." And the second I read that, I thought to myself, "it's like he spoon-fed an ad to the Obama campaign."

And here it is.


Yes, I'm shouting a bit in the subject line of this post.

I was able to go in to work at the ass-crack of dawn to get some much-needed stuff done, and got home at 12:20 (Greg has meetings this afternoon and tonight, so I had to come home to take over Jane duty). I noticed Jane's rash had definitely intestified and spread since last night. So I made a call to the ped's office and they squeezed us in at 12:30, right before their lunch break (yup, I had 10 minutes to make an at least 15 minute drive - that crazy lady with the baby you saw literally running through WHC? that was me). The doc looked her over and determined - or at least, made his best guess based on the timing of her symptoms - that she has roseola, which is basically a common ailment for babies that features high fever, high fever, high fever, no fever...then RASH. Sounds familiar, huh? Not sure about the puking, because that's not typical of roseola.

Anywho, she has this horrible rash from head to toe. He gave her some Zyrtec (sp?) and said it should go away in a few days. Of course the bonus is, when he checked her ears he thought they looked a little pink. Not red enough to give her the drugs and make it go away - just pink enough to suggest that an ear infection MAY be on its way. He said if the fever comes back in the next couple of days, to call him and he'll call in the prescription.

But, hey! Remember when all of my blogging was supposed to help support Down Syndrome Awareness Month? And how, instead, all my posts have been all "woe is me" and shit? Well, I have another site to recommend to you. Days with Dylan is written by mom Laurie, whose son was born almost four months ago. He was diagnosed with Down syndrome and also has to have heart surgery in November. Despite this unexpected news, Laurie writes a very optimistic and entertaining blog about her family, which also includes a two-year-old daughter. Worth checking out, I promise!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

sick day, part 4.

Jane stayed home with Greg today because I absolutely had to go in to work. When I got home I found that she was covered with a full body rash. A last-minute call to the doctor told me that it was probably the end part of her virus; that it sometimes manifests into a rash like this. It was too late to bring her in, so it's not an official diagnosis, but that's what he thought. She is, understandably, completely miserable still.

Me? Yeah, me too.

Words kind of fail me at this point.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sick day, part 3

I don't even want to write about this anymore. Last night was a complete disaster - Jane seems to have a perfect storm of stomach bug, fever, and big-time teething (molars coming in). This all resulted in SCREAMING - non-stop, nerve-shredding screaming - throughout the day today. I ended up working from home and not going in, and I was only able to do this because the other girls in my department were able to pick up my slack. I HATE the fact that I couldn't go in - after many years of working for my parents, I have a pretty strong work ethic, and hate leaving people hanging. This is the worst part of being a working parent - the choice is extreme guilt for staying home with a sick kid and not being at work, or extreme guilt for going to work and not being at home with the sick kid. Today she was in way too much agony for me to go in, and luckily, I was able to make that choice.

I feel pretty beaten down, though. It's frustrating never feeling like I'm doing enough, in one part of my life or another. Of course, the massive lack of sleep over the past few nights isn't helping either.

Aren't you glad I decided to blog for 31 days?

Monday, October 13, 2008

sick day part 2

So, Day Two of Jane's sick-o-rama was just delightful. It started at around midnight with her waking up and throwing up, then repeated again at 3:30 a.m., and then 5:30 a.m. Her temp has gone up and down from 99 to 102 all day, and she's been so clingy and sad. Her mood seemed to be better this afternoon, but then she crashed again tonight, and her temp went up again to 102, which is scary to me. We went to the doctor's office today and they basically just said it was a viral thing, no ear infection, thank God. But still, I have no idea when she's going to get better, and as mentioned before, I really cannot miss any work this week, if it can be at all avoided.

I'm going to stay with her until about noon tomorrow and then go into work, and Greg will handle the rest of the day. But nothing gives you a dose of major mommy-guilt than heading out the door when your baby is sick. It just makes me feel like crap.

And the week goes on...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

sick day.

So Jane has some sort of bug which has given her a pretty decent fever, stomach sickness, lethargy, etc. Poor thing woke up miserable and it has continued all day. Just put her to bed, still with a fever and overall yuck. I feel so badly for her. I don't know why it is I look forward to the weekends; something like this always happens.

In the back of my head I am getting steadily concerned for the upcoming week. Although I have tomorrow off because of the holiday (and will no doubt end up in the pediatrician's office), this work week coming up is one of the busiest I've had in months, and it's not the kind of week where I can work from home - it'd be totally impossible, in fact. And knowing that it usually takes a couple of days to catch a stomach bug, that would mean it would hit for me on......Tuesday.

My primary concern is, of course, for poor Jane. I hate that I'm thinking of myself at all. But as a working mom, this is just how my brain works. The balance seems impossible, sometimes.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

this one's for Shane.

It was "Sports Day" at daycare on Friday. Jane wore a shirt from Shane's favorite team. Except totally NOT his favorite team. Dare I say, the opposite of his favorite team?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bonus post for today

Wow. I have to say good for McCain. His crowds are out of control at this point.

Read this.

'til death do us part

Connecticut has many, many faults (the impending asstasatic winter weather being one major one). But today's news put a big fat check in the "pros" column about our fair state. It's about damn time.

I will now anxiously await the invitations to arrive in my mailbox!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

the porcelain throne

Last night I went to a "Toilet Training from the Trenches" class at Jane's daycare. I can truly say there is nothing as enjoyable - read, torturous - as the idea of going BACK to Jane's daycare after picking her up, giving her dinner, and shoving some food down my own throat, but off I went last night, with Greg getting the lucky duty of dealing with Jane's bedtime ritual. And I truly do mean he was lucky.
The class took place in the 3-4 year olds room, which was interesting to see. It looks like all sorts of fun up there, with art projects, a science center, and other cool stuff. I would have much preferred checking out Jane's future digs than sitting in a chair designated for someone 32 years younger than me (not good for my back, which has already been in agony these past couple of weeks-woe is me!).
Anyway, the lady teaching the (mercifully short) class was from the United Way, and was perfectly lovely, and she gave a little talk, and people asked questions, and we all got a handout detailing what and when we need to do in regards to the almighty transition from diaper to crapper.
I have to tell you, I could barely keep a straight face. There was so much sincere talk about "poopie" and "pee pee" and "BMs" and something called "pee targets" (did you know such a thing exists? for boys? you float little targets in the toilet? HA!) that I could hardly contain my laughter. And I felt bad, because while the whole conversation was very theoretical for me because Jane is only 14 months, but all the other parents had more age-appropriate kids (between 2 and 4) and some of them were having real problems with the whole process.
The next step, in a few months, is for us to start identifying to Jane what it is she's doing in her diaper. But I'm already doing that! I have a song called "There's a Poop in Your Butt and Your Mama's Gonna Get It Out" and everything! We also get to start going to the bathroom in front of her. What a supreme treat for everyone!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

this election needs to get over with so I can go back to my regularly scheduled life

It was Debate Night in America again last night, and once again, I was glued to my TV, simultanously watching the big show while also monitoring various websites and liveblogs covering the event. Although I've always been interested in politics, I find I've become positively obsessed over the past 12 months (as I am sure you have noticed).

My mother demanded that I register to vote the instant I turned 18 – her mantra being, “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.” I’ve voted in nearly every election since, only missing one or two local elections. And, Lord, have I complained.

As for presidential elections, I’ve voted Clinton, Clinton, Gore, Kerry…and now Obama. I voted for the winner twice, then the loser twice…time for a win again, I say.

Although I do clearly remember screaming in misery during the last presidential election in 2004 when it became clear that Bush had somehow won again – while on my honeymoon in Hawaii (how dare he muck up my escape to paradise!) – I don’t think I’ve ever been as invested in an election as I am this year. When I start thinking about November 4, my heart starts beating faster, with a combination of terror and tentative excitement. If Obama loses, I will cry big, fat, "we have failed" tears.

The other night, my friend remarked the same thing, and said that although she fears that underneath his sheen of hope and change Obama is the same sort of sleazy politician we have all come to detest, she finds herself really wanting to believe that he’s one of the good ones. That the things he says are true. She commented that “this must have been what people felt like about JFK.”


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

you should see the other guy

I had this whole post worked up in my head about the election (yes, I know, surprising), but then I picked up Jane from daycare today, and immediately changed my blog topic for today.

You can't see it too clearly in these pictures, but she is all scraped up under and above her left eye. I got the dreaded "accident report" (we've gotten three of these in the past couple of weeks!) when I picked her up, which detailed how she slipped and fell out on the playground today, basically giving herself a rug burn on her face (yes, they have a rug in the playground, I'm not sure why). She took it like a champ though, and didn't even cry. I wanted to cry when I saw her, however!

You must admit, it gives her a bit of that "don't mess with me" aura, though.

Monday, October 06, 2008


As I was pushing through rush hour traffic this afternoon, on the way to pick up Jane at daycare and start the craziness that is my evening schedule, I started to think of where I would rather be. Right away, I thought of two places that instantly put me at peace: the bookstore and the beach.

I LOVE going to the bookstore. This past Sunday morning, I abandoned Jane and Greg at home for an hour and headed to Borders BY MYSELF. Prior to Jane, Greg and I would go every Saturday morning to read magazines and drink mochas. I don't know if it's the smell of the books or the coffee or a mixture of both, but the minute I walk in, I can feel myself physically calming down. Since having Jane, and especially now that she's older, it's not really easy to have a relaxing morning at the bookstore. Sure, I take her there all the time, but disassembling and reassembling the children's section isn't quite the same. And now that I don't get to go as often - at least not without a kid in tow - it's even more of a treat.

Even more so, I love going to the beach. Some of my favorite memories with my family, and especially my father, are from our family vacations that we took at the Connecticut shoreline every summer. I don't know whether I'm much of a spiritual person, but I know that I positively feel my dad when I'm at the beach. I just have to go down to the water, stand at the edge, and stare out - and all the memories come flooding back. On top of that, there is just nothing better than going to the beach alone, finding a perfect spot (preferably next to a group of college kids, so I can hear all the good gossip) and reading for the day in the sun.

So, in conclusion: sun + books = Zen Amanda. What's your formula?

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Let's face it, Sarah. You wanted to talk about what you had written on your notecards. I love how she says she was "annoyed" instead of just "completely unprepared to answer fairly simple questions." Hell, I can answer the question of what magazines and newspapers I read. And, yes Sarah, you are going to get clobbered for everything you say. Just like Obama, McCain, and Biden have been. You are running for national office. Is there something about that you don't understand?

PS YES - I did actually get to out last night! Like a real person who goes out! On the weekend!

Friday, October 03, 2008

rock the vote!

No, no, not THAT vote. I am exhausted by last night's election - not just that it was late, but that some people think Palin did SO WELL - why? WHY, PEOPLE? Because she didn't completely choke? Because she didn't start crying? Because what I saw was someone who was prepared on SOME questions, and who evaded other, direct questions to funnel back to the topics on which she felt most comfortable. Also, I can't stand her. Especially the cutesy shit. I DO in fact want someone MUCH smarter than me to be President, not someone who is just like me, or, God forbid, not as smart as me. See? I can't write about this election anymore, because it makes me all rageish.

No, the topic to vote on is about tonight. See, I actually have plans tonight to go out with one of my friends from my newspaper days. We are supposed to eat, drink and be merry - so what will happen to make me have to cancel? Your choices are:

A) Jane gets sick (the obvious choice)
B) Jimmy has some highly unusual medical problem that has to be seen by a vet immediately, if not sooner
C) Something happens to the boat and Greg has to go down to Old Saybrook
D) I get sick

Or perhaps a lovely combination of a couple of those choices! Vote now!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

you can see into the future with those glasses

That is what my brother says about my glasses.

I am a blind mofo. Not really, but probaby as close as anyone you know who isn't actually blind. So you can imagine my shock - nay, HORROR - yesterday morning when I heard the "snap" as I was cleaning off my glasses. Yup. Right. In. Half.

I freaked. I truly cannot see without my glasses. It's not that I just need them to drive, or read, or work - I need them to walk across the room. I don't have a backup pair, because, if you all remember, Jimmy chewed those up a couple of years ago. I do have contact lenses, but, ever since I was about 22, my eyes have completely rejected them.

However, yesterday offered me no other option. Greg had a very early morning meeting so I had to get Jane ready for the day, to daycare, and myself to work before I could even deal with trying to get in touch with my eye doctor to schedule an exam (oh, yeah - I was two years overdue for an eye exam). I plopped the contacts in my eyes, braced myself for eyeball agony, and went on my way.

I was able to get a doctor's appointment at noon (my eye doctor is in an office at LensCrafters). All was well, so I brought my prescription to the store and picked out some new frames (but I didn't really wanna - I loved my old frames!). Now, I know you're thinking - LensCrafters is great! They can make glasses in about an hour! Not with my suck-ass eyes, they can't. They have to order special lenses that are ground down so they're not super thick, with the special non-glare coating, blah diddy blah blah blah - and I was given the bad news that it would take a week for them to come in.

The very nice optomitrist suggested I pick out some discount frames, and they could put the thicker, glare-y lenses that they can make on the spot in that afternoon. That way, I would have a backup pair for the week, and then in the future, when I inevitably break my nice ones again.

There was really no other option. I couldn't bear to wear contacts for a whole week - at that point I just wanted to rip my eyeballs out as it was - so I picked out some (fugly) frames and got my (fuglier) lenses and now I'm walking around with what looks to me like laboratory glasses. A face shield, if you will. People have been nice to say that they look OK, but they are lying liars.

The whole experience cost me over $600. Six hundred dollars. I hope everyone's looking forward to their framed pictures of Jimmy pict for Christmas this year, because that's going to be about all I can afford. And that's only if I make the frames with popsicle sticks.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

31 for 21

You'll see a new link on the right side of this page called "31 for 21." October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and there is a campaign being led by Trish at Unringing the Bell for all bloggers to try to blog for 31 days (in a row)(I know!!) to help raise awareness about Down Syndrome. Here's the paragraph that got me:

Why should I do it?
This is the one question I can be unambiguous about. I propose you do it in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month. One thing I can say certainly, is that writing--blogging specifically--has helped me in numerous ways as the mother of a child with Down syndrome. I value the people I have met, the friends I have made, and the information I have gathered on blogs. Wouldn't it be wonderful if new parents googled Down syndrome and our blogs came up? What a welcome wagon that would be!

But that doesn’t mean you HAVE to write about Down syndrome. I think it’s beneficial for folks to read about people who are affected by Down syndrome and see that our lives are just the same as anyone else’s!

I propose whether or not you personally know someone affected by DS that you do it in honor of those living with DS as a part of their lives; to raise awareness of Down syndrome. (And, well, it WOULD be nice if you mentioned that's why you're doing it in at least ONE of your blog entries.)

I have talked about it on here a decent amount, so you all know that when I was pregnant with Jane, we were given 1/77 odds of her having Down syndrome, and while she did not end up being born with Down syndrome, it's a topic that has become close to my heart. Although people told me over and over that "she'll be fine" or "don't worry" or "blah blah blah" (that's how it sounded to me) I knew I needed to educate myself on what exactly Down syndrome is. My search led to me some scary, outdated medical sites, and to some wonderful, amazingly-written blogs, several of which I continue to read, because as it turns out, much, if not most, of parenting is a universal experience, no matter what issues your child confronts. I plan to recommend some of those blogs to you throughout the month, the first being Jennifer Graf Gronberg's Pinwheels. She writes beautifully about her life with her three sons, one of which has Down syndrome. She wrote a very compelling book, Road Map to Holland, about the early years with her son Avery, who has Ds - it is truly a book you can't put down. Take the time to check her out.

So - yeah. I plan to blog for 31 days in a row. HELP! I need suggestions. Is there anything pressing you feel like you must know about my life? Tomorrow I will blog about my glasses adventure today, titled "How You Know Your Wednesday Is Going to Suck - An Adventure in Snapping Your Glasses in Half First Thing in the Morning."