Friday, June 15, 2012

weekend update.

It’s the freakin’ weekend, and I am so happy. We finally have a nice stretch of excellent weather coming up here in the Northeast, and I am ALL ABOUT IT. This week has been a little bit of lunacy – my workplace was in lockdown for a few hours the other morning because of a threat of violence, Jane graduated from preschool (I don’t know how she’s almost five when I haven’t aged a day since she was born), I found out a young friend had a serious, and seriously freaky, health scare – all in all, a little too much drama for this mama. Here’s what’s on tap this weekend:
Friday: After-work coffee date with friends, then happy hour with other friends, then going to see another friend in Guys and Dolls, one of my very favorite musicals. It’s a friends day – what’s better than that?
Saturday: Going to my friend’s daughter’s birthday party, and get to see a bunch of my peeps I haven’t seen in way too long, considering they are my best friends. Life, you know? But I’m really looking forward to this. I would not be surprised at all if Jane and I headed down to the boat after to meet up with Greg and stay ‘til Sunday.

Sunday: Well, it’s Father’s Day, so Greg gets his way – you know what that means. ALL BOAT, ALL THE TIME. My mom is coming down too, and probably my in-laws. Supposed to be gorgeous, so I’m down with it.
Monday: Monday is part of my weekend, and I am just waaaay too excited about it not to report that I will be in my favorite city with some of my favorite tweeps. Holy shit. I have never had a Tweet-up before and I am BEYOND about this. BE. YOND.  (And nervous. I hope they don’t think I’m going to be cool in any way. I am a huge nerd. Everyone knows this, right?)

What’s up with your weekend?

Monday, June 11, 2012

in which I pretended to know at least a little bit about golf.

So, instead of writing yet another post about how much I love love love doing theater, I thought I'd post some pics of rehearsal and tech run of the show I did a couple of weeks ago. Loved this cast. Great audiences. Epic good time. Can't wait for the next one!

Saturday, June 09, 2012


There are things I need to report to you. I haven't been here in weeks, really, and in the meantime I did that show (the one I Tweeted and Facebooked about mercilessly), Jane had her first dance recital, we received the invite to her preschool graduation (!!!!) that happens this Thursday, and we went on vacation.

We returned today from a week that was a little sunny, moderately rainy and a lot cloudy. But we made it fun. We went to a children's museum we'd never been to, a Navy submarine base and museum, an art museum, one of our favorite zoos, and even managed to go to the beach a couple of times. Oh, and I squeezed in a couple of trips to my all-time favorite bookstore. I'd live there if I could, I swear.

I promise to get back here. I'm itching to get back here. I hate that when I'm the busiest, and I have so much to write about, I just don't have time to do it. But summer's here. I'm calling it the Summer of Amanda and Jane - her last before she heads off to the wacky world of public school

And I know I've already shared this elsewhere, but it must be said that this is one of my all-time favorite pictures of my girl.

Are you having as much fun as she is? Are you loving life as much? Am I? We should try, no?