Monday, June 29, 2009

we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto

So, the other day, let's call it "Friday," I was gearing up for the weekend. I had just gotten my hair cut, and I stopped at home to pick up some things before I went down to the boat to stay overnight. Greg, Jane and the dogs were already down there. I got home at about 4:15 p.m., and probably would have left at around 4:25 - except it started raining. Really, really hard. So I figured I'd just wait it out (didn't want to ruin my fresh, new 'do, ya know).
And then the rain kept coming. And then it turned to golf ball-sized hail. And then the wind whipped to what reports say was about 80 mph. The power went out. A tree went down in my front yard. And the wind was shaking the windows in my house, and the hail was pelting against the windows, and I, for the first time ever in a storm, was scared shitless. I didn't know what to do.
So, naturally, I grabbed my camera and opened the front door, so I could get some pics. And then I heard it. That weird, train-like noise that I recognized from the movie Twister. So I shut the door, and instead of going to the basement - LIKE EVERYONE KNOWS YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO - I stood there. In front of my kitchen window. Too scared to move.
After about 20 minutes - a very, very long 20 minutes - the storm subsided to just rain. So I went outside, and holy crap, the carnage. Trees - big ass trees - down everywhere. Looked like they were plucked from the ground like weeds. I was trapped, because there were six trees across my road alone - four on one side and two on the other - never mind all the trees and bushes down in people's yards. My neighbor's shutters look like lace - the hail must've pounded the little holes in them. Someone's roof was partially knocked down. The fire department cruised by, saying in their megaphone, "Is everyone OK?" I walked around, taking pictures of everything, talking to neighbors I've never talked to in my life. It was surreal.
Part of my road was cleared out by Saturday morning, so I was able to make it down to the boat, and it's a good thing, because the power didn't come back on until Sunday morning. We were lucky to have somewhere else to stay.
It wasn't a tornado, although a nearby town did experience an actual tornado. But I think it was about as close as it could come. We're still picking up the mess. The landscape of my whole neighborhood looks different.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eight Minus Jon & Kate

I am interrupting my regularly-scheduled vacation recap (and, seriously, who is lamer than I for not uploading the pics and posting them? I mean, it's not like I was traveling anywhere. But that vacation left me 100% exhausted. And now I'm a bit more than three weeks from my show, so that has become my all-consuming obsession.) (But I promise I will post pics from this weekend. At some point.)

Anyway, I just want to quickly touch on this Jon and Kate Gosselin crap. Look, I used to watch the show all the time. When I first had Jane, I got hooked on all sorts of baby-style shows, the majority being on channels like TLC and Discovery Health. After a while they become boring to me again, but I still recorded J&K, and sometimes just watched it as background noise.

Of course, I have become completely obsessed with the dramatic, in-your-face unraveling of their marriage. It's like a train wreck. I feel so badly for staring, but I just can't help myself. My friends and I all say the same thing - WHY DON'T THEY QUIT THE SHOW TO SAVE THE MARRIAGE?

I think they found themselves in a trap. When they first had that gaggle of kids, they had no money and relied heavily on donations. They finally saw the money coming in, and slowly but surely became reality TV stars, and lived liked celebrities - huge house, free trips, free surgeries - everything. So, if they quit the show to save themselves, they would be back to having no money - no financial insurance for all of those college educations. But as things got uglier and uglier you would think they would choose family over TV and the $$$. Instead, they are using their gross family drama to keep that steady flow of paychecks coming.

So, as it turns out, Jon is the one who told Kate he wanted a divorce. And people will applaud him for finally standing up for himself. But wouldn't it be better for him to stand up for himself within the marriage? And Kate - oh Kate - I was horrified to read that you told People how you told your children about the impending divorce. Such private, private family stuff. It's NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. NONE.

I am relieved that TLC isn't airing new eps until August. Will I tune in? Yes. Will I hate myself for it? Kind of. Mostly I just want those poor kids to be OK. And it might not be a bad idea for J&K to watch some older episodes - back when it was a feel-good, bland, vanilla family show. They loved each other. They had fun together. They weren't fame whores.

Just a thought.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Coffee at Au Bon Pain on a rainy morning

My posse ready to lose their collective minds on another rainy day

Jane making music with her buddy Griffin

Greg driving with his sidekick, Jimmy

Me and Jane with my sisters at DQ
So, um, this rain? Sucks. But the vacation rages on. Thursday it absolutely poured all day. Jane and I spent another quality morning at the mall, except this time, instead of walking around on her own, meeting and greeting all the old mall walkers, she decided that rather than walking or riding in the stroller, she would pitch major fits and throw dramatic tantrums every time I had to put her down (carrying a 30 lb child and pushing a stroller at the same time = NOT FUN). We also went to my cousin's house to visit her and her three (THREE!) kids. I was lucky to escape the madness on Thursday evening to go to rehearsal.
Friday - guess what? More rain. Awesome. We went my friend Cheryl's house to hang with her and her son Griffin, who is less than two weeks younger than Jane. That kid has mad verbal skillz though - he said to me at one point, "this balloon has no helium." Seriously! He's not even two! It was really fun to see them, and Jane had a blast playing with more toys that aren't hers. Later we went to Dairy Queen to see my sisters (one of my sisters owns it, the other works there. I put many years into DQ myself, when my parents owned it.). Because I haven't been feeling well, Greg took Jane home and I went off to get a pedicure and read the gossip mags at Barnes and Noble. I must say that was pretty fabulous. Also, it stopped raining for a little bit!
Vacation report to conclude tomorrow. Here's a preview - RAIN!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

vacation, continued

More vacation fun times over the past couple of days. The only major drag is the fact that I'm just still not feeling well - overall lethargic, cold, headachy, etc. I thought I would be rid of this by now. But anyway - yesterday we had my friend Cathy and her daughter Olivia, who is a couple of months younger than Jane, over. It's cool to see them really play now, instead of just sit next to each other like lumpy infants. After they left, Jane took a power nap, and it was so long that I decided she might be sick, which of course stressed me out (I like to infuse as much stress into my vacations as possible). Last night I went to dinner with two of my theater peeps, and then went to a theater board meeting (whoo to the hoo).
Today we went to visit my friend Betsy and her two girls. Jane was thrilled to be in a house with all-new-to-her toys. After Tornado Jane ripped through their house, we went home - Jane napped and I sat on the back deck and read (currently reading "American Wife" by Curtis Sittenfeld - very good - loosely based on the life of Laura Bush). As you can see, the dogs also enjoyed the limited sunshine we've had this week. After Jane got up, we went to West Hartford Center and Jane proceeded to demand I carry her for a good 1.5 miles. That's a heavy, squirmy load! That's her in the last picture, wreaking havoc on Starbucks.
Not that exciting a report, I admit - which is why I give you more pics!

Monday, June 15, 2009

vacation, so far

Just got home from a really nice day in Mystic. We went to the Mystic Aquarium, which I have not been to in years and years. Although the weather douchebags said that it was supposed to rain all day, it turned out to be really nice - a great day for checking out the whales, sea lions (a personal fave, since we saw so many in San Diego when we were there), penguins, and other fishy things. After that we wandered around all of the dorky Mystic shops (or should I say "Shoppes") and checked out a marina or two.

As for the rest of the vacation so far, we went to a graduation party on Saturday and hung at the boat on Sunday, and I blocked a ton of Act 1 of my show on Sunday night. So far, so good people. Now I just need to get rid of this cold that is totally dragging me down.

Up for tomorrow: Jane's haircut, a visit from a friend and her daughter, and a theater board meeting (that part is no so much fun).

Saturday, June 13, 2009

staycation, all I ever wanted

Oh, hey! What's up? Wow, did I make a good decision to take a blog break. Because, party people, you would have heard a LOT of whining. But here I am! On the other side of the work week, and my big June vacation has begun, albeit with a super crappy cold. Ugh. Also, bad weather forecasted for the rest of the week. Moving on.

So all week, people have been asking me where I'm going. And the answer to that is - nowhere! It's a big "staycation" for me. Most of my vacations are staycations. I haven't gone anywhere in over two years. Lord, do I hate the word "staycation." It's so lame. You might as well say "lamecation." So yes. I am on vacation. And I am staying here.

My whole goal this week is not to get caught up in stupid crappy chores or house projects or things that just make me more anxious. This week I'd like to block a whole lot of my show, I'd like for Jane and I to start feeling better, I'd like to see a bunch of friends, and I'd like to try to remember how to relax.

So far today I've gone to Target, to a festival/arts-and-crafts thingy, and to Barnes and Noble. As soon as Jane gets up from her nap, we're off to a birthday/graduation party, where I will see my best friends. And there's nothing like seeing people that these that remind you that you ARE fun, you DO laugh, and you are so lucky to have a close group who have known you since you were eight.

I will try to keep you posted this week on all of my staycation (gag) activities!

Monday, June 08, 2009

I'm here

I'm here. I'm alive. I'm not blogging too much, and that's going to be the trend for a little bit. I'm spinning, and I'm exhausted, and I feel like that's all I ever say. And I'm starting to get a little bit uncomfortable with the fact that that's all I say. I am off work for a week next week. So I get to actually be a mother to my child, rather than that person she sees in the morning and at night. She'll take a break from the people who are actually raising her, her daycare providers, and spend some time with me - the one who writes the big checks to the daycare providers.

Obviously I don't think that people (i.e. me) who send their kids to daycare are not actually raising their kids. But when I see her so little, it just feels that way. Part of it is just the way it has to be.

I sound bitter. And nasty. And horrible. And this is why I'm going to stop for a bit. Because nobody needs to read this. I'll be back when I'm feeling like I've got something better to say. I will get over myself. Swear.

Friday, June 05, 2009


Man oh man, does this blog suck these days. It's all woe is me, anal expression, woe is me, anal expression. There's got to be more to life than this!

This has been a busy week. I say this all the time, lately. Alan called me out recently by telling me that most of my emails start off talking about how busy I am. If I were Alan I would say, well, if you're so damn busy, why are you writing this email? To which I would say, that's enough outta you. But everyone's busy. I know no one whose life is not crammed full of shit to do. So maybe I'll stop complaining about how busy I am. HA! Oh, how I crack myself up.

I still am not feeling so great. My stomach has been really odd this week again - don't know if it's anxiety, reflux, major undiagnosed illness - there is a part of me that is wondering if I should go get myself checked for THE DIABETES. I know, you're all, here she goes again, but I feel sluggish and gross, and my diet sucks, and I haven't done a great job of eating low sugar, low carb anything, and am kind of afraid that my 40% elevated risk of developing type 2 diabetes has reared its ugly head. Or maybe I'm just tired. Do you think not getting more than 6-7 hours of sleep a night (and more likely 5-6 hours of sleep a night) for two years could make someone feel nauseous?

My show is chugging along. The cast has learned a lot of the music, but I have LOADS of blocking to do. It's gonna be HUGE. It better be, considering it will be my (latest) last hurrah for a while. (Does it count as a "last hurrah" if it's only for a while? Well, you know us theater folk. We like to be DRAMATIC.)

I am so joyous that it is Friday. The aforementioned Alan, with his sidekick Todd, will be joining us at the boat on Sunday. I'm sure that will lead to quite an interesting report on Alan's blog next week, what with his great fear that we're going to sink in the great, deep Connecticut River, all Titanic-style.

Have a great weekend, all y'all!

Monday, June 01, 2009

my rock and roll life

When you live a rock and roll life like mine, you get used to fabulous freebees all the time. So I wasn't surprised to see that Jimmy, my rock and roll dog, received a buy five, get one free offer of his own.