Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eight Minus Jon & Kate

I am interrupting my regularly-scheduled vacation recap (and, seriously, who is lamer than I for not uploading the pics and posting them? I mean, it's not like I was traveling anywhere. But that vacation left me 100% exhausted. And now I'm a bit more than three weeks from my show, so that has become my all-consuming obsession.) (But I promise I will post pics from this weekend. At some point.)

Anyway, I just want to quickly touch on this Jon and Kate Gosselin crap. Look, I used to watch the show all the time. When I first had Jane, I got hooked on all sorts of baby-style shows, the majority being on channels like TLC and Discovery Health. After a while they become boring to me again, but I still recorded J&K, and sometimes just watched it as background noise.

Of course, I have become completely obsessed with the dramatic, in-your-face unraveling of their marriage. It's like a train wreck. I feel so badly for staring, but I just can't help myself. My friends and I all say the same thing - WHY DON'T THEY QUIT THE SHOW TO SAVE THE MARRIAGE?

I think they found themselves in a trap. When they first had that gaggle of kids, they had no money and relied heavily on donations. They finally saw the money coming in, and slowly but surely became reality TV stars, and lived liked celebrities - huge house, free trips, free surgeries - everything. So, if they quit the show to save themselves, they would be back to having no money - no financial insurance for all of those college educations. But as things got uglier and uglier you would think they would choose family over TV and the $$$. Instead, they are using their gross family drama to keep that steady flow of paychecks coming.

So, as it turns out, Jon is the one who told Kate he wanted a divorce. And people will applaud him for finally standing up for himself. But wouldn't it be better for him to stand up for himself within the marriage? And Kate - oh Kate - I was horrified to read that you told People how you told your children about the impending divorce. Such private, private family stuff. It's NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. NONE.

I am relieved that TLC isn't airing new eps until August. Will I tune in? Yes. Will I hate myself for it? Kind of. Mostly I just want those poor kids to be OK. And it might not be a bad idea for J&K to watch some older episodes - back when it was a feel-good, bland, vanilla family show. They loved each other. They had fun together. They weren't fame whores.

Just a thought.


Audrey said...

Oh man! I've been completely out of the loop from the J&K drama while I was away. So Jon is out, huh? Can't say I'm all that surprised, unfortunately. The odds were against them...and the intrusive cameras and gossip columnists probably didn't help much. But hey, it was their choice, right?

lgaumond said...

I wish I could erase any and all Jon & Kate knowledge from my brain and be blissfully unaware of the Gosselins and their train wreck of a marriage. They make me more angry than anything else.

Unknown said...

They are really irritating people..claiming they have no privacy because of the 'papparrazzi' and how their lives are continuously monitored. Well, now she rushes out to do every interview and article she can....once again selling out her family for more fame and fortune. What a joke!