Monday, June 15, 2009

vacation, so far

Just got home from a really nice day in Mystic. We went to the Mystic Aquarium, which I have not been to in years and years. Although the weather douchebags said that it was supposed to rain all day, it turned out to be really nice - a great day for checking out the whales, sea lions (a personal fave, since we saw so many in San Diego when we were there), penguins, and other fishy things. After that we wandered around all of the dorky Mystic shops (or should I say "Shoppes") and checked out a marina or two.

As for the rest of the vacation so far, we went to a graduation party on Saturday and hung at the boat on Sunday, and I blocked a ton of Act 1 of my show on Sunday night. So far, so good people. Now I just need to get rid of this cold that is totally dragging me down.

Up for tomorrow: Jane's haircut, a visit from a friend and her daughter, and a theater board meeting (that part is no so much fun).


Audrey said...

i love the pic of greg and cute! glad to hear you wound up having a good weather day today!

lgaumond said...

That looks like one very fine vacation day! I'm glad to hear the anti-rain dance I did in your honor worked out today.

Flann said...

I thought the sea lion was Jimmy!

Jane is such a little girl now. It's amazing.

Laurie said...

So glad to hear you are enjoying yourself!! Great pictures : )