Tuesday, June 27, 2006

another opening, another show

Sorry I haven't been blogging too regularly. It's been quite busy, what with an eye infection (me) and an emergency trip to the vet resulting in a big 'ol pink bandage (Jimmy). But tonight I get to go to the first rehearsal for the show I will be stage managing this summer, Into the Woods. I am so psyched. This is the summer theater group that I helped out with last summer, for college and post-college-aged people. It's a really great group and casting went so well last week that I think we are going to have a phenomenal show. I love this part, the part before we even start, where we can hope that everything will go smoothly, and there will be no problems, and hundreds of people will come see all of our work. Here's hoping it all comes true.

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lgaumond said...

Good luck!! (With the show and with the pup - I know what a nightmare it is to have a dog with a bandage on its foot!)