Sunday, June 11, 2006

Theater dork alert!

The Tony Awards start in 45 minutes. I have my fingers crossed for The Drowsy Chaperone and Awake and Sing (starring my boyfriend, Mark Ruffalo, who is also nominated for an award). It's a big night!

ETA: Nobody wants me to actually see the Tonys tonight. First a bird flew into the house and created much chaos, and then Jimmy somehow covered himself in poop outside and I had to give him an improptu bath in the sink. He used to fit in there fine when he was 5 pounds, but at 20 pounds, not so much. So now he smells like wet dog (because, well, he is a wet dog) and he's running around like a loon, as if the bird didn't excite the pups enough. Also, Mark Ruffalo didn't win best featured actor, but he still looks hot. And Awake and Sing won for best revival of a play. Drowsy is doing well too. Thank God I have Tivo or I would have completely missed all of this.


PghGuy said...

A bird flew into your house?? How funny is that! How did you manage to get it out? Were you freaking out?

I hate when dogs roll around in poop! My dog is a bit stinky herself, and I dread giving her a bath. I have to lift the 70 pound mooose up and put her into the bathtub. Then she starts the shaking and spraying water everywhere.

And then, yes, after a bath they run around like maniacs!

Amanda said...

Slightly freaking out, yes. It was crazy. I held the dogs back, Greg got the bird out.

We usually get the Great Dane with the hose in the backyard. There's no coercing a 120-pounder into the bathtub, that's for sure!