Friday, June 23, 2006

weekend update

Lisa requested that I do a weekend update. So here it is. First of all, may I just say I am so happy it's Friday? This week has sucked the life out of me. So here is what I am doing:

Tonight: I have been peer-pressured into seeing X-Men 3 by Greg and Heather. So off we will go, with Larry too, to see this movie I already hate. I don't see comic book movies, but I don't want to be a party pooper. So instead I will complain about it the whole time! Oh, OK, I'll try not to. Anyway, before that we are going to dinner. This is big doings because with twin boys and another boy on the way in a matter of weeks, Heather and Larry don't go out too much.

Tomorrow: I will watch with glee as 6 inches of rain fall on our lovely state. If by glee I mean all-consuming anger, and if by lovely I mean God-forsaken. This wretched state is cursed, I say. I have to do some shopping and some chores and stuff. I really don't have anything much planned for tomorrow, can ya tell?

Sunday: I have a thing to go to in the afternoon, and then I have improv rehearsal at night. I'm sorry Lisa - I'm so boring this weekend!

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lgaumond said...

Yay! I love weekend plan summaries - no matter how boring. I'll be sittng inside, cursing the rain with three panting, stinky, bored and antsy dogs for two days. Fantastic!

Thanks for lunch, too, BTW! It was great to see you and get the scoop in person.