Friday, June 02, 2006


And we survived another work week (barely, after last night's festivities!). Anyway, here's what's up for me:

Today: Heading out to Relay for Life (a 24-hour relay to benefit the American Cancer Society) in a little bit. Unfortunately, it's going to rain, but Relay stops for nothing! I plan on earning all of the generous donations people gave by walking miles and miles and miles and miles (remember that Proclaimers song? 500 Miles? Yeah, it'll be like that). I plan on staying until the wee hours.

Tomorrow: Recover from Relay! And do general chores. And go over my lines for the show. And pick up the Into the Woods dvd from Mike to see what show I've gotten myself into for the summer. And then go hang with my girls Heather and Cheryl.

Sunday: Oh this is gonna be a very glamorous day - dropping off a dvd to Rich (Supertroopers - I didn't watch it - I should've, huh?) and going to cleanup at our theater hall. It needs a major cleaning/purging of props, set stuff, costumes, etc.

Who's jealous? Anyone else doing anything fun?

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