Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Jimmy, the one-nut wonder

Well, I have to drop Jimmy off at the vet tomorrow to get fixed. And of course, because I'm a tried-and-true sap, I'm emotional about it. I know you have to get your pets fixed; it's the right thing to do. Also, it's probably the most common procedure that vets do on dogs. But I'm nervous. Because Jimmy is a true original, only one of his, uh, beans has descended, so they are going to have to go in and find the other one. This, I hear, is also fairly common. But the poor pup is going to be down for the count for a little bit. I feel so bad! OK - tell me I'm a loser now.

ETA: The patient is home and as good as new! Well, except for the lack of desire to hump his brother.


Flann said...

Aww, I'd be worried, too. We'll have a "get well, Jimmy!" party/chanting circle tomorrow.

PghGuy said...

Yes any time a pet has to go "under the knife" it worriesome.

*knocks on wood* for his dog.

I also was cracking up on your "beans" comment. Yeah, your blog definitely is rated G.


lgaumond said...

Don't feel bad, I cried when I left Molly at the vet to be fixed. He's a trooper, he'll be fine! You go have a cosmolito and you'll be fine, too.