Monday, June 05, 2006

My rock star life.

Lest anyone who reads this actually think I'm cool, let me give a snapshot of my big Monday night:

I just changed into my after-work ensemble, which includes pink striped sleeping pants from Old Navy and a t-shirt that says (in a very klassy way, mind you) "I do it in Hartford." Sweet. I am also sporting a fake tattoo that I put on today at work (mostly because I have more team spirit than anyone else, Flannery and Beth) that I completely forgot about until I was changing. It's the logo for the Broadway show Bklyn (coming to a theater near you!) and lemme tell ya, it's hot. Hope I remember to wash it off before work tomorrow. Anyway, I'm playing online and avoiding learning my lines (yes, still) and the big exciting focus of my night is the Apprentice finale, because it will feature my very very favorite band, Barenaked Ladies.

Who's cooler than me? Oh yeah. Everyone.


beth said...

We must shop at the same "after work emsemble" store because I too am wearing striped pj bottoms (but mine are Nautica), along with my pink WICKED shirt, you know, the one that says "popular," but, clearly, I am not. oh, yeah, we rock! Hey and stay away from the Pringles..I see you.

Amanda said...

You know me - once you pop, you can't stop!

Oooh, I should go totally put on my Popular shirt too (I have the same one!)..that way you could see my tat better! : )

Flann said...

I wore my Popular tshirt yesterday. How awesome are we?

lgaumond said...

I feel so left out! Do they make "Unpopular" shirts? I need one of those.

PghGuy said...

I think you are way cool-and way gorgeous too.

How about some pics of you in this cute sounding pink-striped sleeping pants?? ;)