Friday, June 30, 2006

weekend update, Fourth of July version

Wahoo! I'm off of work for a week. Yay! Here's what's up this weekend:

Friday: I am going to get my hair cut in an hour. I need it soooo bad. My bangs are driving me nuts. Then we're going to dinner at Pastis with Al and Lisa. We have gift certificates, and the place is closing tomorrow. Am I worried about what kind of food will be served in its final hours? You betcha. But it's free!

Saturday: Must get up very early and clean the house. Not only are we having a Fourth of July shindig on Tuesday, but we are now having a houseguest beginning Sunday, so the cleaning frenzy must begin. Those of you with dogs know that anything I clean will be undone it about five seconds, but a girl's gotta try. Then in the afternoon I am going to my friend Heather's family Fourth (actually First) of July party. They do this every year, and since I'm a pseudo member of their family, I go. It's usually a lot of fun - I'm quite looking forward to it. Tomorrow night I'd really love to go see The Devil Wears Prada, because I loved the book and I need to see a good chick flick right now.

Sunday: More cleaning. Perhaps doing the food shop for the party. Dimitry will arrive. I have to do some theater stuff in the a.m., and then we have Into the Woods rehearsal in the p.m. I am going to stop by my mom's at some point as well.

That's the weekend. Have a great one, folks!


Flann said...

Ooh an exciting houseguest! Is it Mark Ruffalo? That'd be my guess. I forwarded him your evite, I'm so happy he's decided to come!

lgaumond said...

Yay! More weekend pre-caps!