Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What the dog did

For those of you who have to listen to me in real life, you probably think this entry is about Jimmy's latest back-to-back trips to the emergency vet. But I'm so exhausted by all of that drama I don't feel like writing about it. So instead, I'm here to 100% wholeheartedly recommend the book What The Dog Did by Emily Yoffe. It just came out in paperback, and it's the story of a self-proclaimed "reluctant dog owner." At the constant begging of her daughter, she adopted a rescue beagle named Sasha for her family. I was laughing my arse off for the first three quarters of the book. Seriously making a scene of myself in Borders, where I bought it and started to read it. Greg was embarrassed, I think. But it hit home so much, and explained a whole lot about my dog Jimmy (who is half beagle). There are a few sad bits (don't worry, Sasha is still alive at the end; Emily, just talks about some other people's sad experiences - but she gets through them quickly) but overall it was really informational, and most importantly, hi-freaking-larious. I don't think you have to have a dog to truly appreciate this book, but it probably helps. I read a whole lotta books, and this is by far the best one I've read this year. Go buy it now!


lgaumond said...

Arse... I love that word.

Flann said...

She writes a really funny column at called "The Human Guinea Pig" where she tries stuff other people are curious about but most would never do, like entering a beauty pageant or being a sports mascot.