Friday, June 09, 2006

It's the weekend.

Couldn't really sleep last night, so my weekend is starting earlier than normal (I'd rather be sleeping right now.)

So, as usual, this is a busy one. Today I'm off to work, of course, and then tonight I'll be going out with Heather, Shelly and Maryann - yay! We're going out to dinner and then going to see The Break Up, which I know is going to suck but I still want to see anyway. What can I say - I'm hopelessly addicted to chick flicks.

Tomorrow I'll be doing the usual chores and stuff, and then tomorrow night I'm going to dinner with my friends Todd and Alan, and then the three of us will head off to Hole in the Wall Theater to work house and watch the show, Loot, that my friend directed and Flannery's fiance is in.

Sunday I am going to my friend Christy's wedding, which I am very excited about, particularly because Sunday marks the first day the sun is supposed to come out in a week. Isn't it supposed to be summer now? And Sunday night I'll be planted in front of the TV watching my favorite awards show of the year - the Tonys. I mentioned I'm a big-time theater nerd, right?

Have a good one!

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PghGuy said...

You're a theater nerd?

Hadn't noticed.