Friday, November 05, 2010

weekend. update.

First, a little P.S. to yesterday's post. Jane woke me up at 4:00 a.m. to tell me how much she enjoyed her trip to the dentist. I am not kidding.

Anyway! It's Friday. And I don't want to get everyone jealous about my weekend, but allow me to bulletpoint my Friday night so far:
  • The delicious blandness of Olive Garden
  • Trip to the Disney store
  • Trip to Target
Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

The rest of the weekend is as follows:

Saturday: I must go walking in the morning. If I don't, I want someone to punch me in the kidney the next time they see me. After that, Jane and I will go to my friend Heather's and play with her and her assorted children. Or, rather, Jane will play with Heather's youngest son and I will find out the latest gossip.

Tomorrow night, we are going to dinner at Todd and Alan's (here is where I would link to Alan's blog, but since he's refused to update it for over a year, I am not going to do that. It's called tough love, people). I am very excited about our big visit, except I have been threatened with harm if I bring something to dinner. Now, if you know these two, you would know they would NEVER come to your house for dinner without bringing something. Hell, they've come to our house for dinner - and brought the whole dinner. Dessert and everything. So I am going to have to find some way around this, or my mother would be very ashamed of my already pathetic manners.

Sunday: We have a birthday party Sunday afternoon for Jane's friend Olivia. What Jane doesn't know is this is a super girlie Tinkerbell-themed party. She gets to wear one of her princess dresses and everything. Plus they all get wands! Picture the very very best party you could ever go to - and this will be that party to Jane.

And what are YOU doing this weekend?


Dwayne "The Train" said...

for once, i've got nothing insightful to say, so I will just tell you what i'm doing this weekend:

comment on your blog
wakeup before the sun
drive wife to work
eat breakfast
go into work
meet a buddy for lunch
do homework at barnes and noble
drink way too much coffee at barnes and noble
pickup wife
drive home
take a nap
go to a party
drink way too much alcohol at a party
find a way home
comment on your blog (i apologize in advance for this post--see previous activities)
wakeup way after the sun
eat brunch/lunch
see a movie
see another movie
eat dinner (i'm hoping for 5 guys b&f)
do homework
watch amazing race
watch the walking dead
comment on your blog (I plan to talk about zombies)

i win.

Amanda said...

I disagree; I thought this was VERY insightful. Especially the part where you already know what your comment on my blog on Sunday is going to be about. I will be curious to see how you tie it back to zombies. Really, you should have your own blog.