Friday, November 12, 2010

weekend update.

Well, before I get to my weekly update on all of my exciting weekend plans, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has popped in this week to this blog. Even though I have had this blog for well over four years (not to mention another blog on Yahoo! for a year before that) I didn't really share its existence with too many people. I'm not sure why - probably out of embarrassment - let's face it, my life isn't that thrilling. But after a bunch of people suggested I start a blog based on my Facebook statuses, I figured it was time to let the cat out of the bag, at least a bit. So, this was a really long way of saying HELLO! And thanks for reading. I'm sure this site confirms the fact that I am a complete and total tool.

Anyway, so it's another exciting Friday night in my household. I can hear Greg yelling at Junior for taking Jane's food, and "The Princess and the Frog" is all set up to depress me for another night. I have Conan's interview with Don Draper - I mean, John Hamm - paused on my DVR because everyone keeps making too much noise for me to pay attention. And I really like to pay attention to my Don Draper. So, essentially, it's another hot night in the city over here. Here's what's on tap for the weekend:

Saturday: I haven't seen my in-laws in quite a while, so we're headed down to the beach to see my mother-in-law. We'll walk down the street from their house to the little beach nearby, Jane will throw a kajillion rocks into the water, we'll drag her kicking and screaming from that fun to go to lunch (hoping to get a lobster roll out of this trip) and then probably for ice cream. The best part will be getting the gossip from that side of the family, because God knows, I am incredibly, incredibly nosy.

Sunday: Chores, chores, chores. I have to head to the mother ship - I have many things on my list, including art supplies, because once again, we have homework for daycare this weekend. We have to decorate a cut-out of a little girl to depict Jane's culture. Yes, friends, I have to artistically represent Jane's Irish, Italian and French Canadian heritage. I printed out some clip art this week - you know, flags, clovers, pizza, maps, stuff like that - and I figured we'd glue it all over the cut out and that would be that. I noticed today that some of the already-finished ones (who are these people are who get these projects done before the deadline?) and they seem to have taken a different, some might say more detailed route - coloring, drawing in faces, culturally-appropriate clothing and stuff - but for us, clip art will be the way to go. I swear to God, we have homework every couple of weeks. After a day of chores and artistry, we will go to my mom's.

Another thing I will be doing this weekend is watching this movie. And I don't care if you make fun of me - I want to see this sooo badly - I adored the Ramona books as a kid - and I actually got teary when I saw the PREVIEW. Can't. Wait.

And what are YOU doing this weekend? It has GOT to be more exciting than mine!

PS Here is a special shout-out to Lisa L., who is irritated I haven't mentioned her on this blog yet. Is it as magical as you expected it to be, Lisa?!

ETA: Don Draper just mentioned mall walking. Nice.


Flann said...

Finally getting around to painting a cherry blossom branch on canvas to hang over my bed.

So many crafts, so little motivation.

lgaumond said...

Well this Lisa thinks it's magical.

Item #1 on my weekend list is picking up Luke's dream motorcycle from a certain basement where it has been imprisoned for way too long.

After that I have thrilling plans to stay home, clean the chicken coop, and hang some laundry out on the line. Because apparently my weekend is in 1897.

Debra said...

A - I'm so happy that you decided to do NaBloWhatEverItIs. It gives me more regular fixes of your writing! :)

And, in part due to you, we've decided the next series we get from NetFlix is going to be Mad Men.

Enjoy your weekend!

Dwayne "The Train" said...

I am sure it was just a small oversight, but you failed to mention me and how my blog commenting had raised the caliber of your blog to a point that you weren't so embarrassed to share it with the world. I'm practically a celebrity now.

PS I had to use the dictionary to lookup two of these words to make sure I'm using them correctly.

PPS I asked Shane to guest comment for me tonight, but he was worried he couldn't live up to my "genius"--his word, not mine.

PPPS The word "genius" may have only been implied, but I knew what he meant.

Audrey said...

HI! I'M HERE TO LEAVE A COMMENT! Shane and I are going to a fundraiser for Epoch Arts tonight (a silent auction...I'm bound to spend more money than I should on stuff I don't really need) and tomorrow I believe we're going to the dog park in Rocky Hill with my mom and then we'll be heading to the mother ship as well for some odds and ends...not to mention a holiday shirt to wear Monday!