Sunday, August 13, 2006

happily ever after

Sigh. The show is over, and today I've got a touch of the post-show letdown, along with a very hearty dose of exhaustion, not to mention anxiety that I won't wake up when my alarm goes off at 330 in the morning (have to be at work at 430 tomorrow-eep!). The past two weeks have been absolutely insane, and this is the first evening I've been home in a very long time. So do you think I feel relief? No, of course not. I just feel a little blue that the whole journey is over. This was one of the most ambitious shows I've ever worked on, and the final product was fantastic. We got tons of great feedback, and had great audiences too. I absolutely adored this cast - they were extremely talented, bright and fun, and I hope to work with all of them again very soon. Plus, they gave me a huge bottle of pre-made margarita, so what's better than that?! However, stage managing and producing a show at the same time has made me think I should take a little bit of a theater break. Hmmm. Maybe 'til September....

The top pic is of some backstage shenanigans before the show with some of the cast. The pic below that is of some of my very favorite and talented theater people - Helen (director), Adrianne (cast), and Mike (music director).

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