Thursday, October 19, 2006

it's Monday already

Well, no, not really. In real life, it's Thursday night. I just got home from rehearsal and it's been a incredibly long day. From the time I left work (4:30) until now (11:23) I have been doing show stuff. It's becoming more consuming than I ever anticipated.

I am heading into one of those weekends where it feels like it's already Monday morning. There is so much to do that in what seems like a moment I will be sitting at my desk again, at the start of the week. Saturday morning we have to get up very early, head down to the train station in New Haven, take a four hour train ride to Wilmington, go visit Greg's friends in PA for the day on Saturday, overnight into Sunday, get the train in Wilmington midday on Sunday, take a four hour train ride to New Haven, drive home, immediately drive to rehearsal, rehearse, come home, collapse, get up for work on Monday.

Happy Monday, everyone.

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Flann said...

I'm tired just reading this! See you Monday ...