Friday, December 07, 2007

hello, lovah

I have had, how you say, a shitty week. Just not good.

Until I saw the trailer for this.

Check it out (it's on the site, scroll down).


(And if you think I'm superficial and stupid and whatever, just keep it to yourself. I get four hours of sleep at night. Sorry my idea of culture isn't curling up with Tolstoy.)


Optimistic Diva said...

First of all, I will see this movie with you. and I'm sorry you had a week of life shit.

Second of all, this will make you smile. Great Dane and baby!

lgaumond said...

Since I've seen a total of... maybe three Sex in the City episodes, I don't think I'm qualified to go see the movie. I guess I'll have to stay home and watch Miss Jane. :)

(Sorry about your crappy week, BTW.)