Friday, April 04, 2008

525,600 people all lovin' our show

So as previously reported, my number one favorite musical of all time, RENT, is closing on Broadway. It was set to close on June 1, so I went and bought tix for the matinee performance, which would be the 19th time I've seen the show.

And then.

They changed the closing date to September 7! I knew something like this was going to happen. But what to do? I can exchange my tix for a show during closing week in September, but I believe I'm supposed to be in Cape Cod for the bulk of that week, so I will probably just end up going on the now anti-climactic date of June 1. As much as I heart this show, and as much as I'm happy they are squeezing three more months out of it, I admit to being annoyed as well.


The most excellent of theater news arrived today, via an email from Alan. I was just about to pop over to like the huge theater nerd that I am when I received an email from Alan telling me that my second favorite show of all time, [title of show], was going to Broadway in July! YEAH! I was seriously screaming, people. You'd think I was an investor. I saw the show off-Broadway in September 2006 (pop back to that month in my archives if you want to read about how awesome I thought it was then) right before it closed, begged every theater person I know to go see it in its last weeks, and nobody listened to me. I have now threatened everyone I know that if they don't go see it this time, I'm breaking up with them.

If you have free time, PLEASE visit the [tos] blog on their website. It's hilarious. And join me on April 21 in buying tickets for the show. Or at least tell 9 people (this would make sense if you SEE THE SHOW).

And, in conclusion, SEE [title of show] ASAP.

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