Saturday, August 01, 2009

me. only better. this even possible?

Anyway, thanks for all of the suggestions on my previous post! Um. I guess I should just assume that everyone pretty much knows everything they would ever want to know about me. Maybe it's time to close up shop? Probably. For today, I will continue with my self-obsessed, narcissistic ways and talk EVEN MORE about myself. Me, me, me. With extra me!

Ten years ago this month, I began what was the biggest weight-loss process of my life. I've written about it before, but once a fat girl, always a fat girl (at least in the head - I am not saying I have a fat head). Ten years ago I was 25 years old and approximately 60 pounds heaver than I currently am. Through diet and exercise, I managed to lose 60 pounds. Then I gained back 10. Then I lost 20! I was at my super-skinniest when I got married, because the bridal stress was literally eating me alive. I got myself to a more reasonable weight (for me) (gained about 5 lbs) and maintained until I got pregnant, when I gained 30 lbs (totally reasonable weight gain for pregnancy). I lost 27 of those pounds, but having that baby shifted my whole body structure around so certain things are bigger and certain things are smaller than pre-pregnancy - even though I'm basically the same weight.

Whew! Anyway, the point is, here I am. Just about ten years later. Considering the only real time I gained was pregnancy, I think it's safe to say I maintained my weight loss fairly well. Also considering the fact that the vast majority of people who lose a lot of weight gain it all back or most of it back within five years, I'm pretty proud.


I could stand to be healthier, overall. I've been feeling yuck on and off, as you know, and have been attributing it to things like stress and the way I eat and why don't I just go to a doctor I KNOW I KNOW. I decided this month I was going to really try to change how I eat. See, even though I am essentially eating and exercising the same way I did way back when I was 25, I'm not losing weight. And although I'm really not in the market to lose 60 pounds, I find it strange that by doing nearly the exact same thing, I'm getting nowhere near the same results. Goodbye, metabolism. I'll miss you.

So in celebration of this 10 year victory of mine, I'm declaring August my personal "get healthier" month. I will try to avoid the chocolate. And the vending machine at work. And Dunkin Donuts (that will be a tough one). Wish me luck!


Shane said...

Good. More delicious vendy snacks for me.

Audrey said...

Good luck! Can I join you on your quest for health? I haven't been feeling my healthiest lately either. After my epic stomach sickness I made it my goal in life to get back UP to my original, healthy weight. At *almost* 25 years old, I've reached my goal...and am now passing it. Not good. :-p

Amanda said...

Audrey, I appreciated your use of the word "epic" in your comment. It was...well....epic.