Monday, November 09, 2009

the glam factor

In case you were wondering what the glamour factor is here at the homestead lately, this will give you an idea:

Each night, Greg and I trade off two chores that we have to do each and every night these days.

1) Sit with Jane in the steamy bathroom, super-hot shower water running, for 15 minutes with the hope that this will help prevent her from coughing throughout the night. It really does help, which makes the hellfire heat and icky sweaty steaminess a little easier to bear. Although it's frustratating to read her books when I can't see a blasted thing through my steamed up glasses. Coolness!

2) Clean out Jimmy's disgusting yeasty ears and give him medicine.

So yeah! Jealous? I thought so.


N said...

Is it the croup? Oh, I hope not. The croup is mean and nasty.

Amanda said...

Not croup. She has had that before - oh boy! She tends to cough a lot when she has a cold, so we try to fend it off with the steamy bathroom routine. It's wreaking havoc on the paint in there!