Monday, February 15, 2010

weekend recap.

So my family managed to stay healthy this weekend! Can you believe it?! No, me either. But it's true. And we actually had a really nice three-day weekend. Bonus!

Saturday we went to my cousin's son's first birthday party. It is amazing to me that he is already one - it seems like yesterday that Michelle was sitting on her couch with her two kids and Jane, and I said, "See, Michelle, that's what it would it be like if you had THREE kids, ha ha ha" - and then she just looked at me and said, " a matter of fact..." and BAM, seven or so months later, along came Luke. So it was fun to see my whole family, because we rarely all get together in the doldrums of winter. And Jane had a blast, playing with toys and kids that she doesn't usually see. Also she got to eat dip, which basically made it an A+ day for her (don't know where she got that from).

Sunday was Valentine's Day. We went down to the beach for lunch and saw my in-laws, and then went over my mother's in the evening. Jane got all sorts of presents for Valentine's Day - not from us, mind you (although the Dora card I got her DID have a sheet of stickers) - but from everyone else. It was really sweet and felt a little like a mini-Christmas.

Today we sent Jane into daycare and then I hung out with Greg all day. He had stuff to do down in New London, and basically we spent most of the day in the car, but it was still fun. Then we had Jane's preschool orientiation (!!!) later this afternoon. The preschool rooms at her daycare are in the magical upstairs area (which you get to via an OMG ELEVATOR OMG) and wow, they are sure different than the rooms she has been in thus far. More classroom-like (but not very) and way more cool toys and areas for her to play in. She's going to love it. She'll hate the transition, I'm sure, but I just have a feeling once she gets used to it, she'll really thrive. Here's hoping. She doesn't start up there until she turns three though, which isn't as far away as you'd think (sob).

So that was my weekend. Hope yours was good too!

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