Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm thankful for....(day 4)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I had a great Thanksgiving today. Kicked it off with a long walk, watched some of the parade, and then went to my mom's for a great dinner and fun times with the fam. Jane was great - no meltdowns - so all in all, I give it an A+. Plus I won about 40 bucks in one of the games we play. Sweet! The only bummer is that my throat is killing me - it seems to be an annual thing for me to get sick on Thanksgiving. Aside from that, great day.

Today I am thankful for many things, but the one thing I will mention here is being thankful for all of you guys who stop by this blog, read it, and comment (you know I love comments!). I made my blog more public this month and although it kind of makes me feel weird (embarrassed?) overall I think it's cool to have people take the time to read. God knows people don't get enough of my blathering in real life... : )

Happy Thanksgiving once again - and please feel free to share what you are most thankful for today in comments!

1 comment:

Dwayne "The Train" said...

the only thing you should be embarrassed about is that you let some weird creep comment on all your blog posts. seriously, what is that guy's problem?

it's as if he was so attention starved that he is trying to steal some of your glory.

it's as if he wasn't brave enough to start his own blog and is trying to live vicariously through yours.

it's as if he were obsessed with you and your blog.

you should probably immediately block him from commenting. i suspect the only reason you aren't getting more blog comments is that that douche is scaring people away.

ps: i am thankful that you haven't blocked that douche from commenting when you probably should have, because, for real, some of these blog comments have been ridiculous and board-line sociopathic.