Monday, January 11, 2010

date with myself.

So, there's this show. I think I've mentioned it before 'round these parts. Well, last week I had the chance to see it a couple of times. And I decided I wanted to see it just once more before the opportunity up and ran away to another city. So I bought another ticket, this time just for myself, for Sunday night.

I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with going to shows/movies/even concerts alone. I got really used to it when I used to report on that stuff when I was a journalist. And there is something really lovely about not having to worry about anyone else. You don't have to make small talk, you can leave early if you want without considering other people's feelings, you can bolt the second it's over without checking to see if so-and-so has to go to the bathroom or whatever. And, most importantly, you can just enjoy the experience for what it is.

But I so rarely get the opportunity to go out anymore, never mind by myself - so it was pretty awesome to grab the chance.


Shane said...

Thank you for bringing the upcoming three day weekend to my attention. I knew I read your blog for a reason.

Amanda said...

Shane, you're getting confused. I mentioned the 3 day weekend on my FB status, not here. Stop stalking me!