Saturday, April 03, 2010

thank you Easter Bunny, bawk bawk!

(does anyone remember that commercial?)

We have spent the better part of the past two days getting ready to host Easter at our house. Hosting Easter is the impetus for us to things like wash down the walls, doors, lights, nooks, crannies, etc, that typically get ignored from the time we host Fourth of July to, well, Easter. It's our spring cleaning, if you will.

However, this afternoon we headed down to the beach for a while, the main reason being that I didn't want anyone in the house to mess it up (see: Jane). So we went to my in-laws house, and walked down to the little beach nearby. And even though it was only in the 60s down at the shore, that sun was warm, and I got to dig my toes in the sand for a while, and, oh man, I CANNOT WAIT FOR SUMMER. I will cry real tears if the weather turns cold again, or, God forbid, we get snow. I'm dead serious. I am so over winter in a way I don't think I've ever been. I was seriously considering moving to a warmer climate today. Like, for reals. And, in conclusion, I HATE WINTER.

The end to this nonsensical post. Happy Easter (if you celebrate such things)! I will be stuffing my face with chocolate like a lunatic tomorrow, because, as this has felt like an extremely long winter, it has also felt like an extremely long Lent.

OK, now it's the end of this nonsensical post.

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