Sunday, March 28, 2010

sleep is for the weak.

So, this has been a fun week. If by "fun" I mean "sleep-free." And as each day passes, even less sleep is had. See, Jane has given up her crib. She figured out she could launch herself out last Monday, and since then, bedtime is destroyed (as in, I put her to bed, and five seconds later she's walking out saying "hi," as if it's totally natural for her to just decide it's not bedtime yet), and she shows up at our bedside as early as 4 a.m. (!!!) croaking out demands to make coffee. (I don't let her drink coffee. She likes the process of making it with Greg. It's just funny hearing a 2.5-year-old demanding coffee. God knows we've needed it more and more every day.)

On Saturday we picked up a toddler bed from my cousin, who is letting us borrow it since her daughter has now graduated to a big bed. Last night was the first night Jane "slept" in it. That translated to her not going to bed until 9:15 (bedtime is 7, although I'm moving it to 8 because she usually stays awake in her crib until then anyway), then getting up at 11 and getting in our bed (Greg let her in; I was asleep at the time), I woke up at 1 and realized she was there and put her back in her bed, she came in at 4 demanding coffee, I "slept" on her floor next to her bed so she would stay in her room until 6:30.

My back is killing me, she's been a grinch all day, and I feel like I have a newborn again with all of the middle of the night household activity. A bunch of people have suggested locking her in her room and letting her cry until she figures out she's not supposed to come out during nighttime, but I just hate the whole idea of this. Look, I was a fan of "crying it out" during sleep training, but hearing her launch herself against the door and wailing every night is just not something I can deal with right now. So if this means I stay in her room until she's asleep, and have to sleep on her floor during the transition, then so be it.

(I say this now. Let's see how I feel in a few days.)

PS How in the hell is my BAYBEE in a BED? How did this happen?!?! I was literally teary when Greg was taking apart the crib.


Dee said...

Ugh--I am dreading the transition to a toddler bed. My son is 2 and managed to climb IN to his crib a week ago. Isolated incident so far, but I'm right behind you. I hope tonight is better!

Lora said...

ha! I was going to suggest that you lock her in the room, just like we did with Jake!

hey- it worked and I knew he was safe. He was younger when he was done with the crib though, way before two, so it is a lot different to lock Jane in now vs. Jake at 19 or so months or whatever he was.