Sunday, May 16, 2010

busy bee

Another busy weekend gone by. We were at the boat almost the whole time (we slept at home, but that's about it). Finally took it out for its maiden voyage this year today. Very nice day on the water. I was nervous because we were out with Jane during her naptime, so I figured she would be total hell to be around, but she just fell asleep in my arms about halfway through the trip, and managed to stay asleep as she was carried down a ladder and put on a couch. It was super lucky because she stayed asleep while we were docking, and since I always suck at my docking duties (why can't I tie complicated knots?!) it was good to not have her screaming for me from the boat.

This is a busy week, as I'm off to NYC for a conference. I get to see three shows, American Idiot, West Side Story and Hair, so I'm pretty excited about that. But still, it seems I'm expected to stay up past my normal bedtime of 9:30. I feel like one of the big kids now!
PS Jane got her first pair of sunglasses and now she is way cooler than me.

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Audrey said...

American Idiot! I overheard that you're going to see it at the conference (in addition to reading it's so hard not to eavesdrop from my little hallway desk) and I'm super jealous! Enjoy that on top of all the other cool, big kid things you'll get to do!