Thursday, October 07, 2010

oh, hi.

Sorry that I have been a crappy blogger (yet again) this week. This has not been the most fantastic of weeks. I have a cold that tonight is making me very achy and miserable. I am trying desperately not to get Jane sick, but what are the odds? This is the same girl who comes into our bed every night and stuffs her face in my pillow.

Adding to my pain might be the fact that, despite the fact that I'm miserable, I did my power-walking thing (I HATE HATE HATE the phrase "power walking" - but if I just say "walking," people think I'm taking a nice stroll - when in fact, I'm walking really fast - or at least trying to) for a few miles tonight after work. I have these few extra pounds I want to get rid of (story of my life) and I have been on a good roll of exercise lately, and I wanted to stick to it - but I think it might have been a mistake today.

Of course, above and beyond all my petty woes, we've got some family issues going on - Greg's grandmother is really not doing well at all and his parents are out of the country on a cruise and we are all so scared that she may pass before his parents get back. I truly can't even think about it, which is why I am focusing on the fact that I have a STUFFY NOSE WOE IS ME.

I'm heading for the finish line of what has been a hectic and not-so-hot week. Three day weekend ahead.....

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Debra said...

I too power-walk! (If that's even possible with snif-every-inch-Ruby). And I too pushed through a virus so as not to miss a day. Big mistake. BIG. What were we thinking?

Feel better Amanda & I hope J doesn't get it.