Friday, October 08, 2010

weekend. update.

Dear Internets,

I feel terrible. This cold is kicking my arse. With that said, I've gone and over-scheduled my weekend. Go me! And here it is:

Tonight: Going to a Tupperware party! Oh yes, the happenin' social life of a suburban 30-something. The stuff of dreams. I have actually never been to a Tuppeware party before. But I hear there will be wine - always a VERY good thing.

Saturday: Going to a craft fair with my mother at the ass-crack of dawn. OK, at 9:30, but that still feels early. I plan on getting more delicious apple fritters while I'm there. No Dwayne, I'm not getting any for you. While I am there, shoveling fritters in my food hole, I will be thinking of my friends who are running in the Hartford Marathon tomorrow. Suckers! Tomorrow afternoon we are going to a chili cook-off. Our friends do this every year. I am hoping that all that chili will help clear my sinuses. I will not be entering the contest. I am so pathetic that I just bought cookies from Trader Joe's to bring with me. Don't worry - I will arrange them to make it look like I made them myself.

Sunday: Going to the boat for perhaps one of the final rides of the year. My friends Mark, Des, Rich and Beth will be coming along, with assorted children. At night I have to do some theater stuff. I am in charge of set decoration for a production of Oliver! that is coming up in two weeks. Yikes!

Monday (bonus weekend day): Installing a sign on the town green advertising aforementioned production of Oliver!. After that - no plans.

Alternate possible plans: If Jane gets what I have, this weekend's plans may change. I plan on sending her into daycare on Monday because it's open so I see a very rare opportunity for delicious Amanda time, but if she's sick, I won't send her in (I expect my Mother of the Year award any day now).

What are you doing this weekend? I demand comments!


Debra said...

Your w/e sounds about 73% bigger and more exciting than mine.

We have the baby's 2nd b-day party here tomorrow, but once everyone clears out......'nothing' sounds really nice.

Kick that cold & I hope J doesn't get it so you can have your Monday to yourself. :)

Flann said...

I'm finishing up getting over the flu/possibly starting up some bronchitis so I'm going to go ride the subway and cough on crowds of people and lick things.

Eh, maybe I'll just stay home instead.

Dwayne "The Train" said...

You know that your sinus infection is a direct result of your failure to bring me apple fritters, right? Don't ask me to explain the science behind this, just know that is real and keep it in mind for my future requests of fried apple deliciousness.

Also, my weekend consisted of a lot of plans to do a lot of things--none of which were accomplished. Mice will always eat the plans of men...isn't that how the saying goes?