Friday, December 31, 2010

reverb10 day 31(!!): core story

Today's reverb10 prompt comes from author and editor Molly O'Neill:

What central story is at the core of you, and how do you share it with the world? (Bonus: Consider your reflections from this month. Look through them to discover a thread you may not have noticed until today.)
My core story is threaded not only throughout this reverb10 project, but throughout my whole blog, and it is this:

I am a 37-year-old who loves life, who is passionate about my family, friends, dogs, theater, writing, reading, pop culture and hearing other people's stories. I think laughing is about the best thing in the world, and I would love to either live a) at the beach or b) in a bookstore. Maybe a bookstore at the beach? I'm a tomboy who loves glitter, I think caffeine is a gift from heaven, and love the fact that my daughter is as sassy as she is, even though she drives me crazy sometimes. This past year has had some very trying moments for me emotionally, but I am excited to attack 2011 with the ultimate goal of daily mental and physical health and happiness. And isn't that what we all want, really?

That's my story. And I'm sticking to it. Thank you so much for reading.

Have a very happy and sparkly New Year!


Stereo said...

I am getting upset. I don't want this to be the end :( but I ma so glad to have met you, Amanda. You're a spark. Keep blogging because I will certainly be reading.

Brandee said...

Eek! We could be twins! Well, I'm a bit older, but so much about you described me, too. I'm a tomboy who loves glitter, too. So glad that I found you through reverb10. I will be looking forward to following your blog in the year to come!

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes yes! Laughter is indeed one of the greatest things ever and everyone should have AT LEAST one good laugh a day although I encourage many more than that! I also would love to live at the beach or the bookstore. I wholeheartedly agree!
Happy New Year!

The Skinny Doll said...

Have loved EVERY blog.. funny .. sincere and genuine.. its not goodbye its until we blog again.. so until we blog again.. goodbye! Happy 2011 to you and yours!

Regina said...

Such a great post! So very thankful for so much of what #reverb10 brought but mostly because of all the great blogs I found! Looking forward to seeing where 2011 takes you! :-)

Debra said...

I've really enjoyed all your blogging recently Amanda.I realize it might decrease as NaBlo & Reverb end but I'll keep checking in because I admire your writing style.

That is the coolest photo!

Happy New Year!
Woofy New Year
from Ruby Tuesday! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hurrah! What shall we do without reverb? I know that I will absolutely keep checking in here.

lgaumond said...

That was the best description of you I've ever read. I hope that you have a sparkly, beachy, book-filled, happy 2011.

Now shut up, will ya, you've been blogging nonstop for two friggin months!

Elizabeth said...

I can't wait to have a "sparkly" new year! This is lovely post.