Tuesday, January 20, 2009

change we can believe in

Hello, Blogland! I'm sorry I've been mostly missing lately. The most I can grab time for, it seems, is a quick Twitter or Facebook update this past week. But, despite how packed today is as well, I would be remiss not to mention how completely, totally, and utterly PSYCHED I am that January 20 is finally here! I will definitely be in front of some sort of screen - computer, TV or otherwise - to watch today's historic inauguation. And how much do I also wish I could go to this tonight? Mixing Broadway and George Bush never sounded so good!
No matter what your personal political beliefs are, I hope you can feel the hope today. I sure can, and it feels delicious.
PS I hope to resume more regular blogging this week. Stay tuned!

1 comment:

yellaphant said...

So so so so so excited. Can I get a hallelujah?