Sunday, July 12, 2009


Ah, you know it's gonna be a good week when it already has a name like "Hell Week."

For those of you who don't do theater, "hell week" is the final week of rehearsals - we rehearse every night, for 5+ hours, work in all technical aspects of the show previously unrehearsed, work in the musicians, and generally have a slew of nervous breakdowns until were are trembling shadows of our former selves by show night. Whee! Show biz!

To give you an idea of how we are feeling as we go into today's 10+ hour rehearsal, my music director and I have dubbed this week - "Hell Week - With 25% more Hell!"


Directing a show with a 28-person adult cast and 15-person children's chorus has been - something else. Gratifying, nervewracking, scary, exciting, fulfilling, combative - just a handful of adjectives out of many more I could think up - if my brain wasn't mush.

On top of it all, I'm fairly sure I have bronchitis, or something close to it. Also, my mom-guilt will explode this week since the only time I will see Jane is in the mornings, before I head off to work.

Why do I do this? This is a question that is asked of me often, and that I ask myself every day. I'll answer it on the flip side.

Have a great week! And if you in the CT area, you better be at the show!

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