Sunday, July 26, 2009

July has kicked my ass

This month is out of control. I realized today that my past four weekends have been intensely busy. To wit:

First weekend - Fourth of July party hosted at our house
Second weekend - Hell week begins for my show
Third weekend - My show, plus volunteered for Petit Family Foundation 5K race (at 6:30 a.m. mind you, after going to bed at 2 post-cast party), with a kid's birthday party thrown in there for good measure
Fourth weekend - Jane's birthday party extravaganza at our house

I'm utterly exhausted. Who does this to themselves? So forgive me if my vacation recap is bulletpointy.

Monday - Went to the beach with my friend Heather. I was drooling and pretty much comatose the whole time. It was fabulous.
Tuesday - It rained like a bitch, and Jane and I were similarly bitchy. Not a great day.
Wednesday - Went down to the boat. Good weather, went swimming in the pool, had fun.
Thursday - Jane's birthday. We went to Newport for the day, had a pretty awesome time.
Friday - Party prep.
Saturday - Party. Holy shitballs, people. I had 42 people in my house, and over a third of them were very small. It took me over two hours to clean the carnage up after.
Sunday - Went to an Italian Festival with my mom and Jane. Ate fried dough. Yum.

I am pretty bummed that my last staycation of the summer is over. I don't have anymore significant time off until Christmas, and that makes me sad. But it will be nice to just go to work and then get to go home, instead of having to rush off to rehearsals. As much as I found the show to be a worthwhile experience, I DO NOT miss the (self-imposed) schedule.

The End.

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