Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I'm not one for races, but the past two months have pretty much felt like a race against time at work. And when I return on January 4, the race will start up again, full-force. But right now, I am beginning a little oasis of days off - 11 of them to be exact - and I need it so. so. badly. I have loose plans here and there, and of course the next couple of days will be busy with that whole Christmas thing we've got looming, but I am really going to try to recharge during the break. I am not very good at this most of the time; usually I just create a ridiculously busy vacation schedule for myself so that my work schedule starts to look, if not relaxing, more manageable. But over the next week and a half, I only have a few official "plans" - and we'll see what happens the rest of the days. But I know this much: I expect to watch a tremendous amount of Dora, so much so that I expect to be fully bilingual by 2010.

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lgaumond said...

Well then, feliz navidad, I hope you enjoy your break and relax!