Friday, December 18, 2009

weekend. update.

Just a quick weekend update before I run out the door - it's a busy one!

Friday: We had a holiday potluck extravaganza today at work, and I feel like I'm going to explode. Why, oh why, do I give myself the free eating pass whenever I'm at these things? But it was so good. Then I had my parent-teacher conference for Jane, which went excellently (I hope to post more details later). Tonight I am stage crewing a show called The Best Christmas Pageant Ever - and I have not been to one rehearsal or seen the show in my life, so this ought to be...interesting. How many bruises will I have from running into set pieces? Only time will tell!

Saturday: Crewing two performances of Best Christmas Pageant so that will pretty much take up the whole day.

Sunday: Supposed to crew the last performance, except now it looks like we might get a bazillion inches of snow - or no snow at all. Um, OK weather people....figure it out with your super dopplar machines!

That's about it! It's old-skool Amanda, with a weekend of shows!

PS Of course I have a fresh new cold as well.

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