Thursday, August 19, 2010

The August Break: Day 16

OK, so, last week we went on a super-fun family trip to the Bronx Zoo. I have been wanting to go there with Jane since she was born. Greg and I are in love with the San Diego Zoo, but, alas, we are 3,000 miles from there, so the Bronx Zoo would have to do. And she loved it. (I had a fear that we would drive two hours and then have to leave 10 minutes later because she was scared of the animals.) And I took all sorts of really great pictures, and I was really going to milk it for a few days during this August Break thing. Until Jane managed, with a couple pushes of the buttons on my camera, to delete all of my photos.
I was devastated. Really! I'm no photographer (as you can tell), but it was such a great trip and I lost everything about 20 minutes before we left. So here is what I ended up with: a picture of me and Jane near a sign, Greg and his camel friend, and this pic of a gorilla that I uploaded from my Blackberry. Thrilling, I know.

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Debra said...

Boo on losing your photos :(, but you ended up with some cute shots!