Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The August Break: Day 24

Behold, my pile of unread magazines. I could say I'm embarrassed about the trash I read, but really, I'm not. I read enough books to make up for it.

And thus concludes The August Break! 24 days out of 31 - not bad, not bad at all. Thanks for indulging me and my terrible photography (really, you can't event call it photography). It was fun, and just the kick-start I needed in terms of blogging.
See you in September (i.e., my birthday month)!


Debra said...

You need BOTH kinds of reading in your life; magazines AND books!

I've enjoyed getting to know you Amanda & that angel-faced little girl of yours.

Goodbyes make me cry (no. seriously. it's ridiculous.) so I'll keep popping over to your place & you keep popping into mine okay? :)

Amanda said...

Of course!

Shane said...

Congratulations. I didn't think you could do it.

That is as close to a compliment as you will ever get from me.