Tuesday, March 20, 2007

do you know the way to San....Diego?

I think we're all about done looking at that picture of my gut, huh?

Once again, I've been remiss in my blogging. I've been busy planning a couple of trips. The first comes on Saturday when my mother and I take our annual trip to NYC to see a show. We're going to see the musical The Drowsy Chaperone, which is supposed to be pretty good. Of course, and as it happens every year, it looks like it's going to be a rainy day. I'm curious to see how I fare in New York with my need to find a bathroom every 15 minutes (more glories of being pregnant). I'm sure we'll have fun.

Next week, Greg and I leave for a week in San Diego. We were there a couple of years ago and really found it to be the best place on Earth. It's nice that we agree about how much we both love it too. I'm nervous about being so far away (because I'm pregnant, not because I'm going to get homesick - although I will miss the dogs) but I look forward to getting away. It's been a pretty stressful few months.

Not to compete with Alan's high level of nerdiness on his blog lately, but I was very excited to see that one of my all-time favorite websites, weather.com, has switched from their winter picture to a nice floral picture, reminding me that today is the first day of spring. Happy spring, everyone!


lgaumond said...

Have a great trip to NY! And I hear the Depends are quite nice when you can't find a bathroom. You're never too young for incontinence. Especially with a baby sitting on your bladder.

Flann said...

I suggested NASA diapers!

Optimistic Diva said...

You know I love San Diego. Have fun - it really is one of the greatest places on the planet.