Tuesday, March 06, 2007

it's freezing out there, and all I see is pink

I know my title doesn't make much sense, but I swear, the sub-zero temps hasn't frozen my brain. It's just that the two topics occupying my brain right now is the cold and something pink-related.

First off- dang, it's cold! I am so glad that spring is almost here. If it were December or January, this weather would be much more depressing. But I think we can tough out some cold if we know we'll be wearing flip-flops and capris soon - oh God, I can't wait.

The other thing is - as most of my beloved readers know - I had an ultrasound on Monday and found out that I'm having a girl - which I totally 100% suspected anyway, but at least I know my girl-vibes were valid. I have been asked why I am not blogging more about the whole baby/pregnancy thing, and mostly it's because a lot of it is personal stuff I'd rather not put out on the Internets - we've had some issues, we continue to have issues, but things looked good yesterday and she's moving around like a maniac! It's crazy to feel this alien being inside me squirming around. What a nut. We have a name picked out but it's top secret until July.

That's all for now. Off to go try to find some pants that fit.


lgaumond said...

Oh yay! Now my crafting doesn't have to be in the yellow-green spectrum. It's pink all the way, baby. Congratulations!

Amanda said...


Optimistic Diva said...

That's so wonderful! You shouldn't have said that you had a name picked out though - I'm going to barrage you until you tell me.

Flann said...

We've been barraging her for three days now and nothing! So we've settled on calling the baby Beyonce.