Friday, May 25, 2007

throwing down the challenge

So, Alan and I were emailing today about our blogs, and whether they were super boring, and whether we cared, and stuff like that. My last email to him was to blog a lot this weekend. He said the same to me. So, like, remember way back when (uh, was it six months ago?) when Alan and I blogged for two weeks straight, just to see if we could do it? Well, the challenge is back on. I'm tired of clicking around and seeing the same boring entries for days at a time. Anyone in? Anyone? Bueller?

Let me kick it off with some super-exciting news. I got my oil changed, two new wipers, and two new tires today. Hells yeah. Oh, and speaking of hell, it's hotter than, you know, out there right now. I mean, I heart summer and all, but we could take it down about ten degrees.

See? This blogging all the time thing is gonna be AWESOME.


Alan said...

I'm in!! Let's do this thing, beyotches!

Alan said...

And I totally mean "beyotches" in the cool gangsta rap way, not in an insulting way. Because I'm all about tha gangsta shizzle.


Amanda said...

You seriously are.

Alan said...


Optimistic Diva said...

Um, I really, reallky think that the proper term is "Fo shizzy." Just FYI.

Can I be in on the throwdown? It's actually going to be a challenge for me because the new gig starts Tuesday. I can check in and let you all know what life is going to be like in (gulp) CORPORATE AMERICA.

Amanda said...

Everyone is welcome on the throwdown.