Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am giving myself a free pass for my shitty blogging this week because it's my birthday! Whoo whoo! I turned 36 today, and had a pretty good day. I had some lovely cupcakes at work, a fancy lunch out, and to top it all off, a dinner out with Greg! Due to all of my current stomach issues, I think I ate more today than in the past three days combined! It was all very fabulous. Most of the gifts I've received are books or gift certificates for books, which I think is hilarious - I guess once an English major nerd, always an English major nerd.

I know I have updating to do regarding our Chicago and Boston trips to see U2, and I promise I will post about those trips soon, or at the very least, post some pics. But now I'm overloaded with food and have to go to bed.


Kim said...

HAppy Happy Birthday !!!!!

Hope you had a good one !!

: )

Laurie said...

Ooh! Happy Birthday!! (A day late, sorry!!)

amyinbc said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like a wonderful day for you :)

Lora said...

happy happy birthday!