Monday, January 10, 2011

manic monday

OK, let me talk you through the craziness that was last night/this morning.

So, as you know, Jane is absolutely horrible at bedtime. She totally hates going to bed, fights it with everything she's got, leaving us all a wretched mess by the time she actually goes off to dreamland. In short, it sucks.

Well, yesterday she didn't have her nap, so by the time we were at my mother's house for pizza last night (a weekly tradition), her eyes were already at half-mast. Sure enough, she fell asleep on the way home, and I managed to transfer her to her bed, with her only waking up to sing a half of a verse of "Old MacDonald" and then she promptly fell asleep again. AN HOUR AND A HALF BEFORE WE USUALLY START ATTEMPTING TO PUT HER TO BED.

WELL. You can imagine the sheer thrill of having all of that excess time to myself. I was so psyched! And since I was offline (except for my BlackBerry) all weekend, I couldn't use the time to bounce around online, so instead, I cranked up my heating pad (I pulled a muscle in my back earlier in the day) and started to read.

Yeah. So I fell asleep around 8:15, partying rock star that I am. I woke up around 9, with a back that was ON FIRE from the heating pad. Turned that off, started to read again, and then fell asleep for the night around 9:15. Lamesauce.

And even though I woke up a few times throughout the night (standard for me), I got way more sleep than I normally do, which is why I don't understand how I overslept by AN HOUR this morning. OMG. I cannot remember the last time I did that. So we went through our usual morning rush, and I was about to head out the door when we decided I should take Jane into daycare instead of Greg, because we realized that my brakes were dead this weekend and Greg was taking my car in, and he didn't want to drive her to school in my brakes-free car. (I actually realized my brakes were dead a LONG time ago, but that's another story for another day.)

As I pulled into daycare, I realized that, in all the rush, we forgot to feed Jane breakfast. (You may send my Parent of the Year award any time.) So it was off to Dunkin' Donuts, where Jane stretched out eating a doughnut longer than anyone ever has in the history of humankind.

I FINALLY dropped her off and went off to work. And that was my manic Monday morning. Happy week to you all!

PS Shutting down my computer for the weekend was great. Really. I'm already planning to do this as much as possible every weekend. You should try it too! You won't believe all the free time you'll have.


ShanLeigh said...

Too funny! Glad you came back online to post this. Gave me some good chuckles!

Jess said...

Aren't Manic Monday's THE BEST?! So funny that you went the whole weekend sans computer, because I just decided that would be a great new resolution for me as well! Gonna try to be diligent M-F with blogs, and enjoy the outside world on the weekends;-) Best of luck!

Stereo said...

Lol this certainly made me smile. Love these little peeks into your life as a mommy.