Thursday, January 06, 2011

photos + my show + dance class = update!

I thought I'd share some pics from my New Year's Eve and New Year's Day Relaxapalooza. I think we can all agree, without any hesitation: both events were clearly rockin'. Dick Clark would be proud.

Guess what?! I have a stage manager for Rumors! Whoo hoo! My lovely and talented friend Missy will be cracking the whip as SM for my upcoming show. Plus, it looks like scripts are finally on their way, and I sent out the audition notice tonight - they will happen January 23 and 25 - can't wait to get this thing GOING!

As for Jane's dance class, well. Yeah. Last night sucked. See, for the past few classes, Jane goes in all excited, but then decides she wants to go home way before it's over. The teachers have told me that she has fun when she participates, but she also spends time running around on her own. Last night was the same thing. She came out about 15 minutes early, so I suggested I go in with her to finish it off. She barely paid attention to the teachers, yet pitched a fit when I told her we had to leave. She loved doing the freeze-dancing activity, but didn't want to sit still when they were working individually with the teachers on dance moves. Honestly, she's a disturbance to the rest of the class. The teachers are being very polite and not telling me this to my face, but I'm sure they are thinking it too.

I have some theories about what is happening. I think she is the only girl in class who isn't home all day with mom or grandma. I pick her up from daycare around 4, rush her home to change, rush her to class by 5 - it's a complete frenzy. I'm sure she's picking up all sorts of negative energy from me. She's been particularly clingy lately so I don't think she likes going from not being with us for 9 hours or so right into another hour of not being with us.

On the other hand, I DO think she enjoys aspects of dance class. So my plan right now is to take her out for the rest of the year, and then maybe in September start up again, except do it on Saturday mornings, when life is a little calmer (usually). So that's that - for now.

Stay turned for news tomorrow on the digital sabbatical I plan to take this weekend!


ShanLeigh said...

Relaxapalooza, I like that!
As for Jane, she's transitioning after being with you during the holidays. Don't stress, if she's not ready or really into it, it's ok. Don't beat yourself up about it. :)

Anonymous said...

I love hearing the way you think about/evaluate your daughter's state. My sis's kids are in gymnastics, and they reduced/shifted the hours they go, and it's made it better for everyone! I was so proud of her.

Stereo said...

Yay for an entry from you being in my reader!

I wish I could give you some useful advice about Jane but all I can think of is that she misses you and will settle when her class becomes a little more routine to her.

And congrats on your new SM!

lgaumond said...

What a lovely couple and their scruffy dog sitting in front of that Christmas tree. You have some good looking friends!