Sunday, July 30, 2006

dog days of summer

I mean this literally, of course. Today was Jimmy and Junior's annual trip to my in-laws' boat. Actually, this was Jimmy's first trip down, and Junior's third.

We were a little apprehensive on how it would all go, especially since we had to stop the car three times on the hour drive down, twice to clean up Jimmy's puke and once to clean up some of Jimmy's poop (on my shorts!!! *^%!**@). By the time we got down to the marina, I was wondering if it might better for us just to take them for a walk around Essex instead. But we soldiered on.

To get to the boat, you have to walk on a series of docks, some of which are not very wide. Jimmy was fine with this, but as usual, Junior was not. Greg had to actually carry Junior across at one point. If you don't know, Junior is a hefty pup, weighing in at about 120. I thought we'd all end up in the ER for sure, or at least in the water.

Despite all of our issues actually getting on the boat, everyone had a great time on the ride. Jimmy got his sea legs right away, and I really don't think he's ever been so well behaved and so content. Even when the boat was speeding along pretty quickly, he was in his glory. Junior too. It's really fun to hear the reactions of other people on their boats when they see the pups, especially Junior. It's hilarious - like being with a celebrity.

After the boat ride, we all went for lunch and ice cream. Junior and Jimmy enjoyed their DQ very much (and half of mine too), and we managed to get home without any additional stomach upset. Now they are asleep on the floor and I have to head out to rehearsal. I wish I could take a nap with them too!

All in all, an excellent summer afternoon.

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