Monday, March 28, 2011

100 things: 26-30

Holy shit, worst blogger ever. Anyway, I figured I better throw something up here or everyone will completely stop reading. So here is a quick installment of 100 Things (Remember? I'm coming up with 100 really exciting facts about myself? And, wow, are they exciting! Yeah. Click here if you want to catch up. I know at least Shane likes reading them.)

Anywaaaay, because I spent a lot of quality time driving around my old hometown this weekend, I got to thinking about past part-time jobs. So this is the "part time jobs" segment of 100 Things. Enjoy!

26) Dairy Queen. I mean, hello. I worked there for 13 summers. THIRTEEN SUMMERS OUT OF THIRTY-SIX. That is a full third of my summertime life. But when it's the family biz (my parents owned it for a very long time; now my sister does), you learn how to make a Blizzard with the best of 'em. Sure, working for your family isn't always easy, but I have about a million memories from this job - some bad, some good, and some really great. And some completely horrendous. Seriously, I could write a book.

27) Video store clerk. I actually loved this job. It was a dipshit video store (think Clerks, which, incidentally, is one of my very favorite movies because they got it so right), so not many people went there, which meant that I basically screwed around with my friends, planned what we were going to do after work, and watched movies. Nice. 2

8) Pharmacy assistant. UGHHH. Hated this job so much. The pill counting, the hyper pharmacist, the germs - no good. I only did this for one winter (between DQ seasons).

29) Produce department of a small grocery store. Yeah, I didn't like this so much either. I like talking to people, and it turns out tomatoes and apples aren't great conversationalists.

30) YMCA childcare. I worked for the Latchkey program at my local YMCA for two school years, and, again, I loved it because I got to hang out with my friends. However, I sort of hated it, because at the time, I really couldn't stand kids. So, maybe not the best fit for that time of my life.

(How have I done only 30 of these yet?)


Brandee said...

You could seriously write a book...or at least some great short stories! Summer jobs are hilarious in the best & worst senses.

Hope you have a good week!


Dwayne "The Train" said...

how did i not know about #27? this was the job i always wanted when i was in high school, but was never cool enough to get.

Shane said...

I did not know 4 of those things. This is surprising to me, because you enjoy talking about yourself so much.

Debra said...

Fun to read Amanda! Although canNOT picture you working in a pharmacy.