Monday, March 07, 2011

this one is for Shane and Dwayne.

So today at work, my entire department (read: two other people) was out sick today, so I was outnumbered by the Quiznos-loving remaining members of my lunch posse, and we ended up there for lunch. Usually we can get enough votes to avoid that wretched place, but frankly, I just didn’t have the fight in me. I had to get out of the office, because I was stuck inside all day yesterday with a sick three-year-old, and well, friends, that is NOT FUN. I needed some fresh air today.

The reason I typically hate Quiznos is 1) the smell and 2) the slimy meat. However, today the smell of the place wasn’t bad and the meat seemed OK, and really, it was so cold outside it didn’t matter anyway. My face was numb after our walk over there. Slimy meat be damned – at least they had the heat on.

Also – cold? EFF YOU. It is March now and I truly hope today was the last day I have to wear a sweater AND gloves AND a scarf until next winter. DONE AND DONE. Got that?

My two lunch companions told me that I was lame-ass in my lack of blogging lately, and I told them my life was pretty much set on repeat these days and no one wanted to read the same stupid stories over and over. They agreed that my blog is lame (they did!) but they read it anyway, and wanted something fresh on the page. So here it is.

So yeah. It has been warmish and a lot of our snow has melted now. Remember way back in December when I thought it was all sorts of fun to get big snowstorms? NOT FUN anymore. In fact, just yesterday I noticed that my Christmas tree was still on the side of the road. It was covered with snow until YESTERDAY. It’s still covered, but some branches are sticking out now, so I know it’s there.

What is it with people who still have their Christmas wreaths up, by the way? I understand that some houses still have lights up because they can’t get them down due to all of the snow, but wreaths? You just have to take them off your front door! You don’t even have to leave the house! It is making me truly angry. Don’t worry, my festive friends: the Christmas stuff will be back in stores in no time. It’s OK to take your decorations down for at least a few months.

My show is rolling right along. Two-and-a-half weeks to go! I can’t believe how fast it’s going by. Everything else is coming into play now – set building, painting, decorating, costuming, props, sound, lights…every day brings new questions that need answers. This upcoming Saturday we will spend all day piecing together the set and probably painting a lot. Showbiz is glamorous, kids!

So yeah. That’s all here. LAME, I tell you. But it’s better than nothing! Right?

PS Just read that Charlie Sheen got fired from his dumb show. Good. What a tremendous douche.


Flann said...

Quiznos is gross. It DOES smell funny!

Jess said...

Totally agree with the DONE AND DONE for winter. It's March already, and Father Winter needs to get over himself!

Congrats on the show coming together! In my elementary theater class I teach I've been teaching the kids about "behind the scenes" theatrical jobs, and we just spent an entire week learning about the Property Master! What fun!;-)

Dwayne "The Train" said...

so i have some issues:

this is a very long post. i have only skimmed it, but plan to read thoroughly at a later time.

also, i do not approve of shane's name being before mine.

also, where is the doogie-inspired life lesson wrap-up?

also, good job.

Shane said...

While Dwayne does not approve, I do. And his opinion doesn't matter anyway. But he's still stupid.

Bronwyn said...

I too am thrilled Charlie Douche was fired. Although, since his ranting has garnered him so much attention, they have fired the producer of the show and plan to reinstate him. ARGH.

I am also done with winter. We've had more days of -30 this year than any year previous. GIVE ME SUN.

Debra said...

"PS Just read that Charlie Sheen got fired from his dumb show. Good. What a tremendous douche."

YAY!!!!! See? You did have important stuff to say! ;)

*and? Quiznos lost me with the hamster/rat campaign.

Stereo said...

Between Shane, Dwayne, Christmas wreaths and Charlie Sheen, this post had me giggling throughout. Your friends are awesome.