Monday, March 14, 2011

cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater.

Fine. I cheated. Just once though. OK, maybe twice. Fine, three times. But THAT’S IT.

My sabbatical from the internet was nearly perfect this weekend. But then life got in the way. Yesterday, I was at the gas station with Jane when I got a panicked call from Greg. He had taken the dogs to one of his offices (he has several small companies) and Junior decided that in fact he WASN’T an old Great Dane with spindly legs, no, no, instead he was a PUPPY, a puppy who was perfectly capable of jumping off a SIX-FOOT-HIGH LOADING DOCK. Greg saw blood come out of Junior’s mouth so he was taking him to the emergency vet when he called me, even though he otherwise seemed fine. We decided I would meet him there.

Because I had Jane with me, I couldn’t start immediately crying like I wanted to. Instead, I had to tell her that instead of going to the bookstore as planned, we were now going to Junior’s doctor because he fell down. So she was full of all sorts of questions, including my favorite, “and then he’ll come home with us, right??” – to which I did not have the answer.

I know I will have to explain to her what happens when the dogs ultimately move on someday, but it just wasn’t what I had in mind for yesterday, you know?

I will fast-forward (because I’ve gone and gotten dramatic here) and tell you that Junior is just swell. The vet thinks the bleeding may have come from biting his tongue, as he checked out fine otherwise. I noticed later that he had a cut up nose and bottom lip, so maybe that was it.

As for the cheating – well. While I was trying to reassure that Jane was fine, inside I was freaking the eff out. So I put it out on Facebook what had happened, so I would have as many people as possible sending Junior healthy dog vibes. This meant something to me, for some reason. And then later I quickly posted that he was OK. Otherwise, no Facebooking or Twittering for me.

I cheated one other time. I inadvertently noticed that an email had come through from one of the technical directors from my show yesterday morning. We had an all-day set build on Saturday, and I was worried that something was wrong, so I clicked on it. Instead, he was saying how happy he was with everyone who had come out to help, and what a community spirit we had, etc., etc. So it quite made my day.

You know what? Turns out if you (more or less) unplug, you really don’t miss that much. Sure, I was twitchy and constantly picking up my BlackBerry only to stop my fingers from typing – but when I finally did check in on all my notifications this morning, none of them were really that important. All of them could definitely have waited. And I surely had more time on my hands (you know, to worry and fidget in the vet’s waiting room).

And how was your weekend?


ShanLeigh said...

I am so glad everything turned out ok with your dog. Scary.

Stereo said...
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Debra said...

So very very very thankful that Jr. is alright!

Kudos to your success at unplugging (no. really!). I thought I'd lose my mind right at first giving up Twitter, but it gets easier and easier.


Brandee said...

So glad all is well. You are a stronger woman than me...I am not good at stepping away. I would have to wean myself of gradually...and that's not going to happen any time soon.

Elizabeth said...

Wow.. So no Internet for two whole days on a row! I tried to give up snacking after dinner. It's not happening at the moment.

I really want to come see your show. Would that be weird??