Friday, March 11, 2011

weekend update.

I can’t stop thinking of what happened in Japan today. It is amazing how we go about our lives, thinking we have control over everything, when really, we control nothing at all. Horrifying.

Before my Lent-imposed weekend free of the Internet, I wanted to do a quick weekend update post, as there was apparently some level of disappointment that I did not do one last week. So here goes:

Friday: Going to a …. concert? musical? something that my niece is in. She is singing a song. It’s a big deal, from what I understand. So I will be there.

Saturday: Building/painting set for RUMORS all day. Have to be at the school at 8:30 a.m. and we will wrap up around 5, hopefully with a completely built set, totally painted with primer, and no injuries. Fingers crossed.

Sunday: Greg has to work all day so Jane and I will entertain ourselves. I will have to do all of my weekend chores that day, so it will be a fabulous concoction of laundry, cleaning, trips to the grocery store and Target, and rehearsal at night. Less than two weeks ‘til show! Holy shit.

What are you doing this weekend?

PS I really am excited about unplugging totally this weekend. It’s so awesome. I think I really need this. But I’ll miss all y’all!


Brandee said...

We'll miss you, too! Good luck with the set building.

My son starts spring football tonight, so we'll be back to that. I get to see my parents tomorrow night. They've been gone on a cruise, and their cat caused MUCH distress while they were gone. Going to give the 'rents a hard time about that!

Sunday will be chore day for us, too.

Have a great weekend!


Debra said...

I agree A; the magnitude of the tragedy in Japan has affected EVERYthing I've thought or felt all weekend.

I hope your play stays on schedule. I'd give anything to live close enough that we could see one of your productions! How fun would that be?!

Have a good week! Cross your fingers for me; I start my new job tomorrow. {nervous, anxious, happy}.